Event Names - List compiled by the UWL Staff of Event names. If you are starting a new eFed, or just a new show, check out this list. Free to use.

eFed Resources

So you're a fedhead and need some help. That's ok. Nothing wrong with asking for help. Below is a list of links of various websites that can be useful tools in helping you and your eFed grow. Whether it's webcoding tutorials, graphics, font, or a list of real stadiums, we got you covered right here. If you know of any websites that should be added to this list email us at hilluwl@live.com

w3Schools HTML Tutorial
This website has everything you need to know about the basics of HTML web coding. HTML is still the easiest to learn and understand, despite others saying it is CSS. This is probably the most popular site for learning the simple HTML web codes.

Another website for web coding tutorials. This is a solid site that focuses on HTML, CSS, PHP, and even Javascript. Ahh Javascript. Something I may never get the hang of. But hey, I'm trying. And you should too.

The Poser Factory
Some of us like using The Rock or CM Punk as a picbase. Others like their own creation. Enter The Poser Factory. An amazing site for poser wrestlers, belts, and others. Did I mention the hundreds of FREE posers? Oh yea. Check it out!

PSD Dreams
As far as I'm concerned THIS is the premier PSD site on the planet. I always find what I'm looking for there. You do have to register to download from them however, but that's a small price to pay (ya know, since it's free).

Dave Millican Belts
Unfortunately, our personal favorite WBW has shut down. This is still a great replacement. Dave Millican is the best at belt designs. This is his website, showing off every title he has ever made. From WWE, WCW, TNA, NWA, to independent companies. And some strange ones in between.

Abstract Fonts
The font site I personally use to find all the fonts I use. They claim to have over 13,000 FREE fonts. You can use a 'Preview feature' where you type in the text you will be using, and all the fonts will show that text.

Another Font website. I used it in the past. Great place as well. Everyone just has their brand. Both font sites are great.

Awesome place that lists every major arena that big time promotions would go to. This is key for looking for different arenas in the region you tour while in the UWL.