You could say the very beginning, or the creation of the United Wrestling League started in early 2010. Yes, over two years before it actually opened. UWL Founder, Kevin Hill, was previously running another company, and as the calendar year turned to 2010, financial issues caught up to Hill and he was forced to sell. As per the agreement of the purchase, Kevin Hill was to not be a part of any wrestling promotion, in any way, for three years. This was a blessing in disguise for Hill, allowing plenty of time to financially recover. As well as plan for a brighter future. A future where we stand united. That future was the United Wrestling League.

In The Beginning...

The UWL officially opened it's doors on August 4th, 2012. Hill wasted no time naming his Vice President in Sean Prime. Prime has worked beside Hill for many years. Their partnership began in 2005, building a company named XWF. Since then, Sean Prime has been Hill's go to guy when he needs a right hand man. These two men had a plan for the UWL, and immediately put it into action.

Also, shortly after the official opening of the UWL, the first promotion joined. Pro Wrestling X became the first member on August 14th, 2012. PWX Founder John Pariah has had a working relationship with Kevin Hill dating back to 2008, so it was natural for the two to immediately begin a new partnership. Following PWX to join the League were Underground X, Wilkes Barre Scranton Wrestling, and Tri-State Wrestling Federation. These four companies are now, and forever known as the Original Four.

P.W. Syndicated

P.W. Syndicated was originally thought of, back in the late spring of 2009. It was a brain child of Kevin Hill, while he ran the CWC. Along side Council Member, Jase Chaos, Hill began the ground work for the TV Network. The launch date continued to be pushed back as the financial issues started for Hill. Eventually plans were scratched completely when CWC was sold. Hill never gave up on his 'baby' though and with the help of investors, P.W. Syndicated was launched shortly after UWL was opened. The revolutionary TV Network airs UWL Events exclusively, as well as Events of our affiliated promotions, and Original Programming. It is the cornerstone of the UWL.


The growth of the United Wrestling League continued in the month of September 2012. New promotions: USPW, ZuWar, and Frontier Grappling Arts joined, quickly bringing the total of promotions to Seven. Along with these seven great companies, the UWL quickly became a household name. It was only a matter of time before the next step was taken, and the United Wrestling League held its first ever Event...


UWL's debut Event was dubbed Wrestlefest, and took place on October 20th, 2012. The event had seven action packed matches; four of which were to crown UWL Champions. The very first match in UWL History saw Leon Corella defeat Pat Gordon Jr for the UWL Patriot Heavyweight Championship. Other UWL Champions crowned at this historic event were Ryan Kidd defeating Jessica Harmony and Ryu Kanata for the UWL International Heavyweight Championship; Real Xtreme of TSWF defeated Best of British (WBSW) and Eastern Uproars (UX) to become the first UWL World Tag Team Champions.

The main event was originally scheduled to be a triple threat Ironman match, but after a camera crew found Damien Vincent face down on the floor, it became one on one. After sixty grueling minutes, it was Elijah Black defeating James Silkk to become the first UWL World Heavyweight Champion. Silkk injured his ankles with just a minute to go, and Black took advantage, slapping on a vicious ankle lock. The drama was at a max as James Silkk was forced to tap with just ten seconds remaining, breaking the tie.

Independent Champions

The UWL's foundation was rocked when, not long after Wrestlefest, TSWF, one of the Leagues original members, closed it's doors. Wrestlefest saw TSWF take home nearly all of the gold the UWL offers. This left several wrestlers out of work, and in particular, some of the UWL Champions. As per the contracts UWL Champions sign, they were allowed to wrestle as Free Agents, but with the promise of finding a new home in the UWL soon.

The first victim of this madness was Leon Corella. Leon held the UWL Patriot Championship, but since TSWF closed, there were no longer the minimum amount of promotions in the New England region in the League, and the title became deactivated, meaning Corella lost his title.

Next were the UWL Tag Team Champions, Real Xtreme. Real Xtreme never found a home, and was forced to defend the titles on enemy soil, against Black Circle Boys at a WBSW Event. Real Xtreme lost, and never were heard from again.

Elijah Black, the UWL World Heavyweight Champion successfully defended his title in a rematch against James Silkk at Championship Weekend, but had yet to sign with a promotion. A match at Wrestlefest II was announced against Pat Gordon, Jr, and days later, it was official that Black had signed with PWX. A huge pick up for PWX, with out a doubt. Black's PWX debut was set to be just days after Wrestlefest II, but Gordon defeated Black. Elijah Black never was able to appear in PWX with his UWL World Heavyweight Championship.

The Shutdown

In the spring of 2013, United Wrestling League temporarily shut its doors, as promotions stepped out of the UWL. After that, several investors backed off, as rumors swirled that Kevin Hill was selling, or perhaps, had already sold the majority of the League. While the UWL was never "closed", all future Events had been cancelled, P.W. Syndicated lost it's sponsors, and ultimately was taken off TV. Many assumed the UWL was dead...

The Reboot

When the media learned that after a year, nearly to the day, since the last UWL Event, Kevin Hill had attended an NAW show, it spread like wildfire. He, along with lawyers, were at two consecutive NAW shows, having meetings with NAW Alex Morgan. Rumors ranged from Hill wanting to help fund NAW, to Hill suing Alex Morgan and NAW for illegal use of the UWL trademarks.

The announcement took place at NAW Meltdown on May 12th, 2014. Neither of those rumors were true. Hill made the announcement that the United Wrestling League was back! And NAW's own Alex Morgan bought 40% of the shares, and was named Vice Chairman of the League. This ushered in a new era of UWL.

North Atlantic Wrestling officially joined the League that day, as did Galveston Island Wrestling, immediately putting UWL back on the map.

All UWL Championships were officially vacated, and the UWL International Championship was retired.

WrestleFest III

The UWL came back in a MAJOR way with WrestleFest III from St. Louis, Missouri on June 28th, 2014.

The Event introduced many new faces to the UWL. Names like Tony Miranda, Alexei Rykov, KEG, and Beck Ramsey showed everyone the bright future the United Wrestling League had. Beck Ramsey won a triple threat match to win the vacant UWL American Heavyweight Championship.

The main event saw the UWL World Heavyweight Champion, Gunner Hughes take on Ryan Kidd in a Wrestlefest II rematch. This time for the UWL World Heavyweight Title. And for the icing on the cake, former UWL World Champion, Pat Gordon, Jr was the special guest referee for the big time contest. In the end, Hughes successfully defended his World Title, and continued his undefeated streak.

Hall of Fame

The UWL Hall of Fame was first announced at Wrestlefest III. The first class, the class of 2014 was inducted during the UWL Slamboree Event on August 9th, 2014.

This inaugural class included former UWL World Champion, Pat Gordon, Jr. as well as the first promotion to join the League, Pro Wrestling X.

Every year, during Slamboree weekend, we celebrate the UWL's anniversary and a new class into the UWL Hall of Fame.

New Year; New Era?

2014 came to an end, much like it began. Gunner Hughes was the UWL World Heavyweight Champion. But 2015 saw change very quickly. At Wrestlefest IV, Gunner Hughes was dethroned. Alex Castellanos took advantage of his Ascension Battle Royal victory in November, and shocked Hughes to capture the title, just days after signing with ACE, one of UWL's top promotions. The victory cemented Castellanos' legacy, as he became a Double Crown winner, and the only undefeated man in the UWL.

2014 also saw the Ladies' Division dominated by Gaia Galanos... Unlike on the mens side of things, Gaia Galanos remained on top in the early going of 2015. The only change was, a new title. Gone is the term "Ladies." In it's place, a championship more fitting for Gaia Galanos. The Queen of Wrestling World Championship.

List of Songs Used by UWL

"Comeback" by Redlight King (Wrestlefest theme)
"Hero" by Skillet (Between The Ropes theme)
"Infra-Red" by Placebo (Wrestlefest II theme)
"South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground (Spring Stampede theme)
"Coming Home" by Avenged Sevenfold (Wrestlefest III theme)
"Seven Nation Army" (Slamboree '14 theme)
"Hall of Fame" by The Script (UWL Hall of Fame theme)
"Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu (Wrestlefest IV theme)