Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: March 22nd - 8:20 pm

Q: What is an Interfed?
A: An Interfed is best described as a community of individual eFeds. The interfed helps these eFeds grow, get exposure, and gain experience, among other things. But every Interfed is different.

Q:What makes the UWL Different?
A: The UWL was created with the Fedheads and Roleplayers in mind. We have a plethora of ways to help your eFed grow: Free advertising, recruiting, PW Syndicated, Newsletters, etc. We also help roleplayers get better at their craft by hosting our own show once a month as well as offer feedback. We plan to open a developmental eFed soon.

Q: What is this P.W. Syndicated I keep hearing about?
A: The PW Syndicated is a brain child of Kevin Hill, that has been in the making for over two years (long before WWE thought of their own network). The first of it's kind as it is a branch website that is setup as if it were a TV Station. It "airs" full results of UWL Events, results of our eFeds, as well as Original Programming, including a nightly news show. It is a revolutionary idea that is exclusive to the United Wrestling League.

Q: What is your standards for judging roleplays?
A: This is probably the most frequent question I am asked. It seems like every eFed and fedhead has their own particular favorite style. The problem with that is that not every roleplayer will fit the fedheads style, causing conflict between the two parties. The UWL Staff is one of the most veteran staff you will find around. We have seen literally every single style of roleplay imaginable. Nothing can catch us off guard. From the standard in ring promo, to complete monolouges where the only thing you read is words from the mouth of the wrestler. We've seen it all. Our basic psychology is "Do what makes you comfortable." I know this sounds crazy to some, but we have NO standard. We prefer NO style over the other. How can someone expect their roleplayer to put out their best work if they have to follow someone else's guideline? We know this can cause alittle concern as your planning out your roleplay, wondering if we will enjoy your style. But have faith. Pay attention. If you seem to be on a losing slump maybe look at those roleplays and see where you can improve. See what others are doing. Ask us for help/opinions. Nothing wrong with that.

Q: So what makes the winning roleplay?
A: Like I said above you paranoid question person, there's no one way to win your match. Do what makes you feel comfortable. We don't have a point system or a list of things we look for. We judge the best way I know how. Go with our guts. Our instincts. The longer you take trying to breakdown the pros/cons of a roleplay and comparing every little detail, the less and less you will actually like the roleplay itself. Any fedhead would agree with that. They may not admit it, but trust us when we say that. I am aware that using this "no system" system will cause controversey amoungst the community, but that will happen anywhere.

Q: What do you look for in a roleplay?
A: While I do not use a system, I do have three key things I look for in every roleplay:

Grammar: This is an obvious one. I know some characters have unique mannerisms. That's not what this is about. Lazy misspelling sticks out like a sore thumb.
Sell The Match: This doesn't JUST mean do a promo. I know you want to win your match. But why? How do you plan to? Also, with every UWL Event, we give 'match previews' on the card. These are the stories were pushing, so there's a great place to start.
Entertain Me: I have been in the efedding game since 2001. I've read more roleplays than I'd like to know. It's rare that someone tries something I've never seen. But still, entertain me. This is the biggest key to me. Without a grading scale or system, I'm simply reading the roleplay. So you have to keep me entertained. How you do this, is up to you. It's called trial and error.

Q: Why regional eFeds?
A: I was a wrestling fan the day I was born. Literally, we used to have a home video of me as an infant watching it. Now sure in 1989 the territory days were all but done, but some were still kicking. The USWA, AWA, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, and somewhat NWA were the ones I can name off the top of my head. To this day I miss that era. Today there are alot of interfeds that allow global eFeds (WWE style eFeds) in, and while there is nothing wrong with that, (I did it prior to UWL) I feel a group of promotions that stick to their area would affiliate easier in a real world. Look at the early days of the NWA. The smaller, regional promotions working together to help everybody grow just seems like something anyone would want to be apart of. Some people have to big of an ego to bring their eFed to a "regional" feel but the quicker you can check your ego, the quicker your eFed will succeed. Plus I just like being different, and trying something new.

Q: Do I have to be a low budget, rinky-dink eFed?
A: While we would prefer the realism of you not working MSG every week, we also don't expect you to change your style for us. It's ok to have pyro, the big stages, etc. but we do ask you to remember what we're attempting here. You can be independant and "be the best fed ever" just remember, we are a community. Just because you tour an exclusive region doesn't mean you have to be in small arenas. Every region has a few huge cities in them, allowing you to still go to the big arenas. Just remember, no one is bigger than the community. Not even me.

Q: What is your opinion on eFed's in the League having their own "World" Champions?
A: It doesn't bother me. I don't expect you to change your ways completely just because you joined the League. That being said, however, we in no way will acknowledge your eFed's top title as a "World" Title. Only titles we recognize as "World Titles" are those in the UWL. Some other exceptions are made, but none of those are member Feds. What that means is, if Joe Dirt is the ABC World Champ, we will avoid the term "World" in our Events, on the eFed profile's, etc. We will simply say ABC Heavyweight Champion.

Q: Are there any companies, efeds, etc., outside the UWL that you do acknowledge exists?
A: Few. Remember this is a fantasy game we are playing. This is the UWL Universe we are in. So in our mind, other interfeds don't exist (with exceptions of course). We do acknowledge other eFeds. We know there are others out there. How else would we recruit new member promotions? However, unless a wrestler comes from one of the major efeds in the world (according to my common knowledge), we won't use it as a way to hype him/her up. I am in limbo whether or not to acknowledge real federations like WWE, WCW, TNA, etc. Currently, no. I see no real upside to doing it. We didn't buy out any real promotion to get here, like some do. If you can convince me we need to, maybe I'll change that answer.

Q: Why isn't Hawaii and Alaska on the map? Is it because you hate states that arn't on the mainland?
A: Yes.... Or it could be because in all my years I haven't even heard of an eFed having a show in Alaska. I have seen a handful do Hawaii but not many. As of right now the first option is to have Hawaii be apart of the Pacific region. But it is not currently. It would be up to the promoters from the Pacific if they wish to add it. If not, Hawaii could become it's own region, as could Alaska if interest is there.

Q: Are other parts of the world available to be UWL Regions?
A: Yes. Currently, the United States, Canada, Western Europe/UK, and the Australia/New Zealand area are the only Regions. Obviously if there is interest in Mexico, China, Japan, or any other part of the globe we could discuss expanding.

Q: What gives with the Intergender Ban?
A: This is quite possibly, the most controversial rule in the League; my decision to BAN Intergender matches at UWL Events. What this means is, no woman can be in a match against a man. Now, before you close the page in anger, please continue reading. This isn't about 'men being superior.' The Queen of Wrestling World Title is our Women's title, and yes it is recognized as a WORLD Title that is equal to the UWL World Heavyweight Title. Just because they are separate doesn't make them unequal. They are equal. Just separate. Ya know, like in ALL professional sports. The biggest argument I hear on this discussion is, "But this is just a fantasy game!" and they're right. It is a game. My game. A game I took time out of my life to make. The UWL is created by me, so shouldn't I be able to decide how I run my game?

Q: Why did you choose Saturday as the day of the UWL Events?
A: A few reasons. The main reason is because in our previous run, we had our shows on Sunday and it seemed like during every one of our Events, one or more of the eFeds were running a PPV the same night. We are trying for a bit of realism as it's impossible to wrestle a match in California and New York at the same time, hence we switched it to Saturday. A small reason is that we HOPE it shows our dedication to you and the community. We have real lives, but we're spending our Saturdays putting together the results instead of going on dates, or in my case going to a football game... Your welcome guys.

Q: What if my character has a match on the same day as a UWL Event?
A: If it is for the eFed affiliated with The League, then we say drop your name from our Card. Your eFed is more important, case closed. If it's for an outside eFed with no affiliation with UWL, and you feel you can handle all the roleplaying, then go for it.

Q: What happens if a UWL champion is in an eFed when it closes?
A: This is a tough situation to be in as a Roleplayer. You dedicate yourself to the UWL but more importantly the eFed you are apart of. Then you wake up one day or come home from a long day of work/school and the eFed closes. It happens. Alot. If this happens to a UWL eFed, we will not immediately shun everyone from the eFed. In fact, we will take time out of our lives to help you join another eFed (preferably a UWL eFed). Champions can defend their titles as "Free Agents" until they find a new home.

Q: So I don't have to be in a UWL eFed to be apart of a UWL Event?
A: Absolutely not. While our main mission is to help our eFeds grow, we also will not decline your offer to showcase your talents on a UWL Event. You can participate in a UWL Event as a "Free Agent." You will not be able to fight for a UWL Title (unless in situation in previous question) and will not be in a storyline/angle.

Q: How come I can't find the card, results, or archives of any UWL shows on the website?
A: You wont find any complete UWL Card on the website. We are attempting to make it feel like a real wrestling business. You don't know the entire card for RAW do you? So if we pretend that people that look at the UWL Site are UWL Fans, we don't want to show them the entire card. It can be found in the Forums in the "UWL Wrestling" Section. Also the four biggest events will have branch websites with their cards posted. Results and archives can be found on the P.W. Syndicated website.