1. No Intergender matches - The UWL has banned intergender matches to take place in a UWL sanctioned match. This means no intergender matches in a UWL ring, or for any UWL Championship off UWL soil.

2. Victory - In a standard match, the way to win is via pinfall, submission, count out, or disqualification. Specialty matches have different victory stipulations.

3. Warnings - The following are against the rules, and will cause the referee to 'warn' the wrestler: Choking (of any kind), Ignoring Rope Break (5 second rule), tampering with ring/surroundings (removing turnbuckle pads, removing floor padding, etc), using steel steps as weapon, spitting, biting, CLOSED fist punches to the back of the head, arguing with official,

4. Disqualification - The following are cause for disqualification: Use of a foreign object (chair, brass knucks, etc.), Continuously ignoring referee warnings, physically harming official,

5. Rope Breaks are a five count.

6. Ring-out countouts - These are a ten (10) second count. The count is restarted when someone exits the ring.