[The UWL logo flashes onto the screen, followed by the P.W. Syndicated logo. Then it's dark as the opening seconds of "South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground begins. As the first verse begins, we see the hot West Texas sun blazing.]

#Take a look in my mind and justify
#Hell, I might even sympathize
#But why must you fuck with these things
#In my head for so long that I feel I could break
#Never forget your lies
#Five million might change your mind
#But why must you fuck with these things
#In my head for so long that I feel I could break

[Shots of Pat Gordon Junior winning the UWL World Heavyweight Championship from Elijah Black at Wrestlefest II. Shots of Gordon successfully defending the title against Leon Corella and Brenton Borvo.]

#So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up
#South Texas deathride you motherfuck
#So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up
#South Texas man I'm livin' it up

[Adam Stryker winning the PWX Tag Team Titles with Christian Rhodes. His struggles at UWL Events. The announcement of the "All or Nothing" stipulation, requested by Stryker.]

#So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up
#South Texas deathride you motherfuck
#So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up
#South Texas man I'm livin' it up

[Alex Castellanos and Dom Harter surprise win at Wrestlefest II. Their big defense against the V-List. Shots of Sweet Annihilation, Ice and Drake Knight.]

#So what if I was your guide
#South Texas deathride
#Like I said I might sympathize
#But why must you fuck with these things I believe
#Man it's guilt by association

[Kandi Washington making her name known in numerous organizations. Washington winning the PWX Womens Championship. Britney Caldwell's AWF debut. Elizabeth Terry's NAW debut. Announcement of first ever Ladies World Championship Match.]

#So what if I was your guide
#South Texas deathride
#Like I said I might sympathize
#But why must you fuck with these things I believe
#Man it's guilt by association

[Random shots of other UWL Competitors. Leon Corella, Gunner Hughes, Chris Horton, Tiami Tyler. Santa's antics are shown as well.]

#So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up
#South Texas deathride you motherfuck
#So c'mon c'mon c'mon get up get up
#South Texas man I'm livin' it up

[The hot Texas sun is seen again, then we fade into the American Airlines Arena, as "South Texas Deathride" continues to play. As pyro explodes at the stage, cameras pan throughout the arena, getting shots of the rowdy Dallas crowd. Finally, we go ringside with the trusty commentating duo of Raines and Archer.]

Archer: Good evening everyone and welcome to Spring Stampede! We are in a sold out, jam packed, American Airlines Arena here in Dallas, Texas. Mac, this place is going insane!

Raines: Oh, Dallas. Such a special place to the Mac Daddy. I am so hyped to be here Frankie!

Archer: Speaking of hyped, this crowd has been buzzing all day long, ready for Spring Stampede.

Raines: And why wouldn't they be? This is going to be one incredible night! Four Championships are on the line! Of course, the big one, the main event. Everything is on the line! Pat Gordon continues to prove he is a "Fighting Champion" and will defend the UWL World Heavyweight Title against Adam Stryker, who is putting up his UWL career Frankie!

Archer: If Stryker is unable to take home the UWL Championship, he will not wrestle in the UWL for an entire year! Unbelievable gamble. Also, we will crown our first ever UWL Ladies World Champion as Kandi Washington, Britney Caldwell, and Elizabeth Terry battle in a triple threat match.

Raines: Ohhh man I cannot wait for that one! And another one I can't wait to see, Tiami Tyler defends her UWL Junior-Heavyweight Title against... Santa Claus. I still can't believe I am saying that.

Archer: "Santa" dropped nearly 300 pounds to make weight for this Junior-Heavyweight bout. He better not blow it. We will also see the unlikely UWL Tag Team Champions Alex Castellanos and Dom Harter defend their titles against Ice and Drake Knight, Sweet Annihilation.

Raines: That will be great Frank! And hey, just for the icing on the cake, we got an Over The Top Rope Battle Royal, later on too. I love me a good ol' battle royal!

Archer: One of the most unpredictable matches of all time. But we are getting things started tonight with a Three Corners Tag Team Match, to determine the #1 contenders for the UWL Tag Team Titles! Let's take it to the Voice of the League, Keith Williams!

-Match One-
#1 Contendership for the UWL World Tag Team Titles
V-List vs Any Given Sundae vs Chris Knight & Aiden Law

[The classic ice cream truck song begins to play over the PA system and joy breaks out when the team of Any Given Sundae come out. They are wearing bright pink and sky blue outfits and are each holding a large vendor’s display of blue and pink cotton candy. They also each have their IWF Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.]

Keith Williams: This match is a Triple Threat Match to determine the next Number One Contenders to the UWL Tag Team Titles and is scheduled for one fall. First, coming to the ring representing Inferno Wrestling Federation, Any Given Sundae!

[Sweet Treat goes to each side of the stage and throws some of the cotton candy into the crowd while The Cone excitedly waves his hands to everyone and starts throwing some of his cotton candy into the crowd as well. Before they head down to the ring they share high wave with each other and then slap the hands of the fans all the way down to the ring. They continue to walk around the ring celebrating with fans and tossing the few remaining bags of cotton candy to the fans at ringside. Sweet Treat leaves one bag for himself and then slides into the ring to join The Cone. Each man climbs up one of the corners and greets the fans, with The Cone still waving to everyone while Sweet Treat opens up his bag of cotton candy and starts smashing it into his mask where his mouth would be. The cotton candy simply falls to the mat and the referee is forced to come behind him and kick it out of the ring. They both take off their tag team titles and hold them up in excitement. They come back to the center of the ring and do a little jig past each other before heading to the other corners of the ring and repeating the process. They give each other another leaping high five in the middle of the ring and turn their attention towards the entrance way to wait for their opponents to come down to the ring.]

Archer: This should be an exciting match up. I’m looking forward to seeing some of these guys for the first time.

Williams: The next team, representing North Atlantic Wrestling... The V-List!

[“Storytime” hits the PA system the lights dim down. At the 28 second point, “The Very Good” David Fraggle and “Sideshow” Euan Dante walks out from behind the curtains. They run to the ring and when they get to it they both slide into the ring. They then run to corners, climb up onto them and raise their arms. They then jump off of the turnbuckles and the music stops playing and the lights go back on.]

Archer: This is an interesting duo here.

Raines: To say the least. I don’t know if interesting is the right word.

Archer: Is it the right word for any of these guys. Look at the two characters dressed as ice creams across the ring from them.

Williams: The third and final team, also representing Inferno Wrestling Federation, consisting of Chris Night and Aiden Law, The Takeover!

[The lights go red as “Uprising” by Muse hits and smoke begins to billow from the entrance way. Chris Night and Aiden Law; The Takeover walk out onto the stage. They stand there for a moment as Chris points towards the crowd with his left hand and Aiden spreads his arms out wide as he screams. Both men lower their arms and run at full speed down the ramp and slide into the ring. Both men stand up and walk to the center of the ring. Chris drops down to both knees and raises his arms up in the air with Aiden behind him flexing his arms as red and blue pyro shoot from out of the ring.]

Archer: This has the makings of a big match. What a great way to start Spring Stampede off.

Raines: It should be entertaining.

[All three teams stay in their corners and look around at each other. The referee tries to talk to everyone to get all but two of them out of the ring. Aiden Law and Chris Night step out of the ring and Aiden can be seen telling the other two teams to take care of each other. David Fraggle tells Euan Dante to start things out for The V-List while Any Given Sundae play a quick game of Bear, Hunter, Ninja to decide that The Cone will be the first man for their team.]

Archer: These AGS guys have an interesting way of choosing who starts the match.

Raines: I like the thinking by Law and Night here.

Archer: It’s smart to let these other two start things out, set the pace, and do a little damage to each other.

[The bell rings and Dante and The Cone lock up. The Cone has a slight size advantage and backs The Sideshow into the corner. Dante ducks his head through the ropes and the referee steps in to back The Cone off. The Cone breaks cleanly and steps back into the middle of the ring while Dante shakes his head and steps back in. Dante and The Cone begin to circle around each other. Dante suddenly charges at The Cone and jumps into The Cone’s arms, wrapping his legs around his waist. There is an awkward moment shared between the two men that only gets worse when Dante plants a big kiss on the masked ice cream. The Cone lets go of Dante, who lets go himself and backs off with a laugh. The Cone wipes off his mask and seeks help from his partner Sweet Treat in the corner. Sweet Treat hops down off the apron, grabs some soda from a fan at ringside, and pours it on his partners mask to wash away Dante’s taste.]

Archer: Well, this is an odd way to start of a match.

Raines: Tell me about it.

[The Cone shakes his head but doesn’t get a chance to recover any more when Dante spins him around and nails him with a right hand. Dante keeps The Cone against the ropes with some more shots and then tries to grab ahold of the cherry on the top of The Cone’s mask. The Cone gets aggressive and pushes Dante off of him and then connects with a superkick when Dante tries to come back at him.]

Archer: I’ve heard he doesn’t take kindly to that.

[The Cone makes sure everything is okay with his mask and then tags out to his partner, Sweet Treat. Sweet Treat comes in and takes Dante down with a scoop powerslam. He pulls him back up and backs him into the ropes. Treat sends Euan across the ring with an Irish whip. He goes for a big boot but Dante ducks under it. They come back at each other again and Dante once again slides underneath Sweet Treat. Sweet Treat isn’t able to turn around in time and Dante jumps up onto his back.]

Raines: Dante is going for a ride here.

[Dante keeps on Sweet Treat’s back and won’t let go. Sweet Treat tries to buck him off but Dante won’t let go. Sweet Treat throws a few useless back elbows and waves his hands out. Aiden Law throws his hand out and connects for a tag. Sweet Treat gets some momentum and slams Euan back into the corner. Aiden then charges in and hits Sweet Treat with a spear that also slams Dante once more into the corner. Aiden hits Sweet Treat with a kick to keep him in the corner and then tags Chris Night in. Law helps to whip Night into the corner but Sweet Treat moves out of the way and Night nails Euan with a missile dropkick into the corner. Night turns Dante over and goes for a cover.]

Archer: Night is going for the steal here.


[Sweet Treat is still in the ring but breaks up the pin before heading out. Night lets Euan start working his way up to his hands and knees but then starts kicking him in the back of the head with the bottom of his boot. Night pulls Dante all the way up and throws him shoulder first into the Takeover corner. Night pulls him out, hooks him around the head and side, and then throws him backwards violently with a side Russian leg sweep into the middle of the ring. Night turns his back to Dante and goes for a standing moonsault, but Euan manages to get his knees up out of desperation and catches Night in the midsection. Dante pushes Night off of him and starts laboring towards his corner to tag David Fraggle in. Night grabs ahold of his heel before he can get close enough, but Dante reciprocates with a kick that backs Night off so that he can dive forward and bring his partner in.]

Raines: Let’s see if Fraggle can turn things around for his team.

[Fraggle starts blasting Night with some jabs and backs him into the ropes. He whips Night across the ring and then meets him in the middle of the ring with a kick to the stomach. He hooks Night by the head and an arm and then snaps him down with a DDT. Fraggle helps guide Night up and throws some kicks to the side of the body that back him into the corner. Fraggle connects with a shoulder thrust to the midsection and then hooks him around the head. He goes for a running bulldog takedown, but Night pushes him off and sends Fraggle forward into the corner. Night charges in but Fraggle counters by getting his right bot up and catches Night in the face. Fraggle hops up onto the second rope and then leaps off with a clothesline. Fraggle waits for Night to get back up to his feet again and then rushes in to the corner, springboards off the ropes, and comes off with a crossbody block takedown. Fraggle stays on top, hooks a leg, and tries to end the match.]



Archer: Kickout by Night!

[Night throws Fraggle off and starts working his way towards his own corner. Fraggle cuts him off with a front facelock. Night fights back and grabs Fraggle around the midsection, pushing forward and across the ring into the opposite corner of Any Given Sundae. Night goes for a shoulder thrust to the midsection of his own while The Cone tags in off Fraggle’s back. Night takes Fraggle down with an arm drag takedown. The Cone comes in behind Night and taps him on the shoulder.]

Raines: He didn’t see the blind tag.

[Night turns around and The Cone drills him with a forearm shot to the face. The Cone then drops down and takes Night down face first into the middle turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. The Cone runs off the ropes and comes back with a baseball slide dropkick to Night’s midsection. The Cone pulls Night up and out of the corner. He hooks him around the head for a suplex but Night blocks it with his leg. Night throws some dirty boxing punches to the midsection and then a lifting knee to the face. The Cone backs off and Night catches him with a back elbow to the side of the head. He pushes The Cone back into his own corner and tags Aiden Law in. Night holds The Cone in the corner and allows for Aiden to get a free kick in. Aiden snapmares The Cone into the middle of the ring and locks in a rear naked chinlock. He puts the point of his knee into The Cone’s back and continues to pull back to increase the damage of the hold. The Cone reaches out and tries to get support from the crowd to get out of the hold. Sweet Treat rallies the crowd and starts a big clap. The Cone begins to work his way up but as soon as he reaches his feet, Aiden transitions into a front facelock and hits some knees to the body followed a big double axe handle smash to the back.]

Archer: Aiden looks comfortable in this type of attacking position.

Raines: You have to have the killer instinct and I think this guy does.

[Aiden pulls The Cone up and tries to lift him for a cradle piledriver. The Cone fights out of it and lands back on his feet. The Cone tries to reverse it into a back body drop but Aiden hammers away on his back again and then turns him over into a neckbreaker. Aiden backs off the ropes and comes down onto The Cone’s chest with a flying knee drop. He stays down on to of The Cone, placing a forearm across his throat, and goes for a cover.]



[The Cone is able to kick out without either of his legs being hooked but Aiden puts him in a side headlock to keep some pressure down on him.]

Raines: I like the strategy of making The Cone exert as much energy as possible here.

[Aiden helps to guide The Cone up but keeps him in the hold. Instead of going towards his own corner, Aiden heads over to The V-List and reaches over to Euan Dante. Dante tags in and Aiden continues to hold The Cone for Euan to get a free shot. It takes Dante a moment but he takes a free shot at The Cone’s ribs and then twists his arm with an arm wringer.]

Archer: It’s an interesting decision to take yourself out of the match at this point.

Raines: Not if you feel like there’s still a lot more match to go and you can let these two teams take out some more aggression on each other.

[The Cone counters out of the arm lock and then takes Dante down with an arm drag takedown. Both men get up and Dante charges at The Cone. The Cone ducks under a clothesline, hits the ropes, and then comes off with a springboard crossbody that takes Dante down. He stays on top of him and goes for the cover.]

Archer: Here we go!



Archer: Dante kicks out and Aiden Law’s strategy didn’t backfire in his face.

Raines: He doesn’t look that worried about it over there.

Archer: Maybe he should have been.

[The Cone tags out to his partner and Sweet Treat comes right in, scoops Dante up, and drops him into the middle of the ring with an Atomic drop. He heads out of the ring and starts climbing up to the top rope. He tries to leap off for a top rope splash, but there’s enough time for Dante to roll out of the way and save himself from getting squashed. Sweet Treat gets up to his knees and he gets clipped by a dropkick from Dante. Euan then heads over to his corner and brings ‘The Very Good’ David Fraggle back in. Fraggle comes in and takes Sweet Treat right back down with a head scissors takedown. He hooks him around the head, runs into the corner, and connects with a tornado DDT before heading up to the top rope. He leaps off and connects with a top rope stomp before going for the cover.]



[Aiden Law pulls Sweet Treat out of the ring by the legs. Fraggle doesn’t take kindly to this move, and while Law holds Sweet Treat up, Fraggle hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto Law and Treat on the outside that keeps all three of them down.]

Raines: I like the smarts on this Aiden Law guy. He gets the job done.

[Chris Night pulls Fraggle up and rolls him into the ring. Even though he isn’t the legal man he waits as Fraggle gets up. Fraggle turns around and Night nails him with The Light’s Out. He then heads up to the top rope and comes crashing down onto Fraggle with The Nightmare. He goes for the pin but the referee doesn’t know what to do. The Cone makes it easy for him when he dives into the picture and lands on Night’s back with a flying double stomp. Night staggers up and The Cone drills him with a rolling Koppu kick. Aiden Law slides back into the ring and pulls The Cone down by his head.]

Archer: Breaking the Law!

[Aiden hits his finisher on The Cone but before he can do anymore damage, Euan Dante sneaks in from behind him, leaps up onto his back, and rolls him up from behind with a full body crucifix for a pin attempt. At this point, having lost all control, the referee goes to count the pin.]



[Sweet Treat comes in and breaks it up at the same time as Aiden kicks out. Sweet Treat pulls Dante up and whips him into the corner. He then does the same thing to Aiden and sends him into the corner as well, sandwiching Dante in the middle of Aiden and the turnbuckles. The Cone heads out to the apron and then in unison Sweet Treat connects with a running big boot into the corner on Aiden while The Cone hits Dante from behind with an enzuigiri kick.]

Raines: They call that Mint Chocolate Clip.

[The Cone heads up to the top rope while Sweet Treat tries to lift Aiden Law up for a vertical suplex so that they can hit their Cherry on Top finisher. David Fraggle grabs his partner by the head and rams him head first into the back of Sweet Treat causing him to drop Aiden down. Chris Night charges forward and nails The Cone, causing him to fall down into a seated position on the top rope. Night climbs up after The Cone and tries to hook him for a superplex, but Dante comes in from underneath Night and tries to hit him with a powerbomb. He carries him into the middle of the ring but Night counters with a hurricanrana that sends Dante out of the ring. Night turns around and David Fraggle spits red mist in his eyes and causes him to lose his vision for the moment. Fraggle is about hit Night, but Aiden saves his partner by spinning Fraggle around and nailing him with a kick to the midsection. Law bounces back off the ropes and Night dives forward so that they connect with a Night leg clip and an Aiden Law clothesline.]

Raines: That was a little West Coast Shuffle right there.

[Night is still unable to see and has trouble getting up. Aiden pulls him up and tries to help him out. Aiden turns back around only for Sweet Treat to come charging at them both and he takes them both over the top rope and to the outside with a double clothesline.]

Archer: That’s the way to clear the ring.

[Sweet Treat pulls David Fraggle up and is able to get him up for a vertical suplex while The Cone gets back to his feet on the top rope. The Cone leaps off with a crossbody block onto Fraggle and then hooks both of his legs for the pin while Sweet Treat keeps Aiden Law from getting back into the ring.]




Keith Williams: Here are your winners.... ANY GIVEN SUNDAE!!!

[Any Given Sundae begin celebrating... as does the UWL fans.]

Raines: This is tremendous. Look at the fans!

Archer: They love Any Given Sundae. That's for sure.

Raines: That's a good thing because they are now the number one contenders for the UWL Tag Team Titles, and will take on whoever the champs will be after tonight.

[Any Given Sundae grab their IWF Tag Team Titles before exiting the ring. Sweet Treat is holding up his index finger saying "one more" as we fade to our first commercial break.]

-Commercial Break-
P.W. Syndicated Upcoming Schedule
All-New Between The Ropes, including Spring Stampede Fallout, and news of new League Members, next week.
Season Finale of One on One with John Fulmer. Special guest is UWL Owner, Kevin Hill. March 28th.
Season Premiere of The List, hosted by Chris Walker. Premieres on April 2nd.

-Match Two-
UWL Junior-Heavyweight Championship
Tiami Tyler (c) vs Santa Claus

[Fake snow falls from the rafters and the arena is suddenly plunged into a sea of red and green strobe lighting. Now, Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry plays as Santa Claus appears on the Big Screen in various video clips. He now rides out from backstage on a giant red sleigh, being pulled by a team of reindeer.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the UWL Junior-Heavyweight Championship! Making his way to the ring is the challenger. From the North Pole! Weighing in at... Just under the 220 pound limit... He is SAAAANTAAA CLAAAUSSS!!

[The little children and elderly folk all cheer the jolly not so-fat man, while the young teens boo the man mercilessly. Santa is accompanied by his beautiful buxom "wife" Mrs. Claus in the sleigh. They both ride to the ring and climb out, handing gifts to fans.]

Raines: I can't believe this is happening.

Archer: The alleged Santa Claus showed on Between the Ropes that he has lost nearly three hundred pounds for this match tonight.

Raines: Who is this crazy bastard?

Archer: Why it's Santa Claus of course!

Raines: This is going to be bizarre.

["Volume Up" hits the PA as blue lights flash. Tiami Tyler comes out on stage smiling and having the crowd pumped up for her. She skips her way down the ramp, hi fiving the crowd and having fun with the fans.]

Keith Williams: And his opponent, she is the UWL Junior-Heavyweight Champion... TIAMIIII TYYYLEERRR!!

[Getting in the ring, Tiami just smiles, posing for the crowd, who cheer her on. Tyler relinquishes her Championship to referee Matt Rollins.]

Archer: As strange as this match is, Tiami needs to be very focused. If she get's lost in the atmosphere and intrigue of this man claiming to be Santa, she could very easily lose this match, and her Junior-Heavyweight Championship.

Raines: He may be a whack-job, but that just makes him even more dangerous.

[The bell sounds and the Junior-Heavyweight Championship match is under way. The crowd seems split on who to cheer for, as Tiami's fanbase is in full force, yet you can hear an ever growing "Let's Go Santa" chant break out. Santa looks out to the sold out American Airlines Arena and rubs where his big belly use to be. Tiami looks reluctant to make a move, but steps towards Santa, causing him to turn his attention back to her.]

Archer: As you can see, Tiami Tyler doesn't exactly know how to go after Santa. What is his weakness?

Raines: His brain.

[After a few moments, the two circle the ring and lock up. Santa, proving his strength, simply overpowers Tiami, and throws her back, her head bouncing off the canvas. Tiami hits the mat, but quickly gets to her knee, holding the back of her head.]

Raines: Santa is the stronger of the two. It's amazing he has any strength after losing 300 pounds huh?

Archer: I think we all knew going in that Santa would be the stronger of the two. Tiami has to counter that with her speed.

[Tiami rises to her feet as Santa takes the time to flex his muscles.]

Raines: It appears Santa substituted protein shakes and vitamins for his milk and cookies.

[Tyler challenges Santa for another tie up. Santa happily agrees, but Tiami side steps him and connects a kick to the thigh. She follows up and two more shots to the leg. Santa swats at Tiami, but she ducks, then connects with a spinning heel kick. Santa falls to the mat, and quickly retreats to a corner.]

Archer: There she goes. Using her speed to match the strength of Santa Claus.

[Santa tries darting right at Tiami Tyler, but she drops him with a drop toe hold. Tiami hustles to her feet as Santa is struggling to get to his. Jolly Saint Nick is on his hands and knees as Tiami hits the ropes, then connects with a baseball slide dropkick to the jaw of Santa Claus. Santa collpases, and Tiami quickly rolls him over and pins him.]


[Tw-Quick Kickout by Santa...]

Raines: He may be a schitzo, but he's a tough schitzo. It's gonna take more than that to beat Santa Claus.

[Tiami doesn't back off, and jumps Santa before he can rise to his feet. Santa uses the ropes to stand, as Tiami is rocking him with shots to the back and face. Tiami connects a standing dropkick, that has Santa reeling on the ropes. Tiami turns and runs across the ring, hitting the ropes. She bounces off, but as soon as she comes firing back, Santa is up and charges ahead, connecting a nasty clothesline.]

Archer: My goodness! What a clothesline!

Raines: He just rang her bell!

Archer: Don't do this. Please.

Raines: Do what?

Archer: Start making Christmas puns. It's not funny. I know you. Just don't.

Raines: ... Ouch.

[Santa brings Tiami Tyler to her feet, and backs her to the ropes. He irish whips her off the ropes. Tiami hits the ropes hard, and Santa ducks his head, perhaps for a back drop. The champ is a step ahead, and kicks Santa right in the chest. The kick stands Santa back up as Tiami turns and hits the ropes again. Upon the return, Tiami runs right into a waiting Santa Claus, who lifts her high into the air, then drops her with a Sitout Spinebuster. Santa pins...]




Archer: Devestating sitout spinebuster by Santa Claus, and he almost became the new Junior Heavyweight Champion.

[Santa allows Tiami Tyler to get to her feet, but quickly scoops her up, carrying her around the ring, before dropping her with a bodyslam. Santa points to the turnbuckle, and steps through the ropes, walking the apron.]

Raines: Santa going up top!

Archer: The challenger is taking a huge gamble here!

[Santa climbs the turnbuckle, and stands tall on the top rope. It appears he is going for a splash, but hesitates as he sees Tiami Tyler starting to rise to her feet. Santa remains calm and waits for his victim to stand up. As Tiami gets on her feet, Santa leaps off the turnbuckle and comes down with a crossbody, landing on Tiami Tyler. He reaches back and hooks the legs of Tyler.]




[Santa quickly grabs Tiami Tyler. He may or may not have used the hair, then applies a rear chinlock, putting his weight on Tiami. Referee Matt Rollins is in great position, asking Tiami if she's ready to quit.]

Raines: Santa keeping Tiami grounded, laying all of his weight on her. This would be more effective if he still weighed 500 pounds.

Archer: Pretty sure he would squash her then.

Raines: I'd pay to see that.

[The UWL faithful are trying to get Tiami Tyler back in the match, cheering her along. Tyler begins fighting to her feet. She is now on a vertical base, but just as she is up, she is back down. Again, Santa may or may not have used the hair to pull her back down to the mat.]

Archer: This is very uncharacteristic of Santa Claus, resorting to such tactics.

Raines: Yeah, he is getting coal for Christmas!

Archer: I told you that it's not funny.

[Tiami fights her way to her feet yet again. She connects with elbow's to the gut, then breaks free by stepping on the toes of Santa. Tiami gets on the offensive with some knife-edge chops, that echo throughout the sold out arena. Santa retaliates with his own chops. Tiami has had enough of that and returns the favor. Tiami then connects a boot to the gut, doubling Santa over. She looks to be going for a DDT, but Santa spins out of it. He holds Tiami by the wrist and pulls her in towards him, and takes her off the ground with a powerslam. The earth-shattering powerslam sounds like a shotgun as Santa hooks the leg.]




Archer: Tiami Tyler is in trouble right now. She desperately needs to find some offense.

Raines: We're close to crowning a very jolly new champ!

[Santa, again, applies a rear chin lock, forcing the UWL Junior-Heavyweight Champion to fight just to stand up. Tiami fights free from the hold again, and hits the ropes. Santa sees her coming and is ready to take her head off with a clothesline. Tiami is able to duck, and hit the ropes again. On the return, Santa catches Tiami and applies a bearhug.]

Raines: Bearhug!

Archer: Perfect placement by Santa. He has Tiami Tyler right in the center of the ring.

Raines: I feel like I'm in 1989 and I'm loving it!

[The pain shown on the face of Tiami Tyler shows just how effective the bearhug is. Santa is sapping the energy and strength away from the Junior-Heavyweight Champion. Santa has Tiami Tyler off her feet, squeezing on her lower back.]

Raines: Ya know, if this wasn't such a good match, I'd say something like 'I wish I could hold Tiami Tyler like that!' but I just did say it.

[Tiami Tyler knows she needs to do something, and quickly. She tries creating space by putting her arms in the bearhug, but Santa won't allow it. Finally, she knows it's now or never, and bites the forehead of Santa.]

Raines: She's biting him!

[Tyler then digs into Santa's eyes and will not quit until he has no choice but to let go of her. Tiami drops to one knee, trying to nurse her injured back.]

Archer: Tiami Tyler was completely desperate to break free of the bear hug, and did what she had to do.

Raines: Both of these wrestlers using dirty tactics... and I like it!

[Tiami retreats to the corner, trying to create space between her and her challenger. Santa, once he is no longer blind, charges at her, but is met by a boot to the face. Santa staggers back, giving Tiami Tyler a chance to climb to the middle rope. The Junior Heavyweight Champ springs off, and connects with a missle drop kick, dropping Santa Claus. Tiami rolls all the way to the apron, and uses the ropes to climb to her feet. She slowly climbs the turnbuckle and stands on the top rope. Santa is up and meets her, delivering a well timed punch to the midsection of his opponent. Tiami is stopped by this, and is having trouble maintaining her balance on the turnbuckle. Santa tries climbing the turnbuckle with her, from inside the ring, but Tiami counters with forearm shots to the face. Santa falls from the turnbuckle, and Tiami repositions herself. She waits for her chance, then leaps off, and executes a perfect Tornado DDT. Tiami pins!]




Archer: Finally, the champion shows signs of offense.

Raines: She is a tough chick Frankie. You can never count out Tiami Tyler.

[Santa is clearly loopy right now as Tiami is still slow to continue her attack. Both are to their feet, and Tiami rocks Santa with more forearms. Santa counters with a nasty european uppercut that stuns the champ. Santa steps with a superkick, but Tiami Tyler ducks underneath and hits the ropes hard. On the return, she grabs Santa and drives him down with a running bulldog. Santa falls face first onto the mat. He checks for any missing teeth as he tries getting to his feet. As he does, Tiami clutches him with a waist lock. Tiami then shows her strength by lifting Santa up, and dropping him with a release German Suplex.]

Archer: Perhaps fatigue is the reason Tiami didn't bridge after the German, but she proves she has strength as well.

Raines: She needs to stay on him though.

[Tiami crawls over to Santa Claus and pins him.]




Raines: This match has completely changed. Tiami is in control now, and has a few near falls on Santa.

Archer: She is the Junior-Heavyweight Champion for a reason Mac.

Raines: No shit Frank.

[Tiami brings Santa to a vertical base. She continues to connect with well placed forearms, until Santa retaliates with a haymaker. Tiami easily ducks the blind swing. When Santa turns around, he is dropped by a big spear. The air is taken out of Santa as Tiami sits on her knees taking deep breaths.]

Raines: She needs to follow up. Why isn't she following up?

[Tiami gets to her feet and stalks her worthy challenger. As Santa rises to his feet, Tiami doubles him over with a foot to the midsection. She then drops him on his skull with a Piledriver! The crowd roars as Santa's head bounces off the canvas. Tiami says it's over as she climbs on top of Santa, hooking the far leg...]




Raines: Wow! A piledriver by Tiami Tyler!

Archer: Yet, Santa Claus finds a way to stay in the fight. Unbelievable.

[Tiami Tyler can't believe Santa kicked out. As she sits there, clearly frustrated, Santa is starting to get to his feet. Tiami trips him up, and appears to be trying to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf. Santa is able to kick his feet, then use his leg strength to shove Tiami off of him. Santa has to scurry to his feet when he has the space. Tiami comes right back at him, but Santa connects a knife edge chop that hits so hard, it drops Tiami. Tiami is right back up, but again, Santa drops her with a chop. Tyler bounces right back up, but is met with a stiff jab. Then another. With every jab, the crowd chants "Ho! Ho! Ho!" After five punches, Tiami is staggered, and Santa winds up, then connects one last hard right hand.]

Raines: Heh, that was creative.

[Santa hits the ropes, then lunges and connects with a shoulder block. Both wrestlers fight to their feet. Santa confuses Tiami when he slaps her... in the ear. This stops Tyler in her tracks, and has her a step behind. When she swings at Santa, he ducks. He follows up by kicking her in the gut, and dropping her with a DDT. Santa pins...]




Archer: Santa Claus gains the upperhand once again.

Raines: Back and forth they go!

[Santa scoop slams Tiami and quickly climbs the top rope. He takes a deep breath and flies off the ropes. He comes crashing down with a diving leg drop... Except that Tiami rolls out of the way. Santa falls tailbone first on the mat.]

Raines: That can crush your spine!

[Tiami nails Santa in the face with a boot, then wastes no time in grabbing the ankle of Santa and locking in the Icy Dreams (Ankle Lock).]

Archer: Ice Pick! This could be it!

Raines: If not, Santa's ankle could be snapped.

[Santa screams in agony, and knows he has to act fast. He spins out of the hold, and the momentum sends Tiami Tyler stumbling into the turnbuckle. Santa rushes to his feet, and sets Tiami up for the Sleigh Ride (Pedigree). Tiami spins out, and connects with an Inziguri. Santa is out on his feet and somehow stumbles to the corner. He uses the corner to stay standing as Tiami Tyler follows him in with a running forearm. Tiami picks Santa up, and sits him on the top rope. She follows him up as the crowd stands with them.]

Raines: Superplex! I love a good superplex!

[As Mac Raines is excited about the idea of a superplex, Santa knows he can't allow this to happen. He holds onto the rope, refusing to let Tyler take him. Santa connects with punches to the sides of Tiami. A headbutt has Tiami spaghetti legged on the middle rope. One more headbutt from Santa, and Tiami falls to the mat. Santa wastes no time in climbing to the very top rope.]

Archer: Santa becoming good friends with the top rope tonight. He is flying again!

[Santa leaps off the top and comes crashing down with a HUGE splash, nearly flattening Tiami Tyler. The impact, no doubt, takes all the air out of Tiami Tyler's lungs. Santa himself seems hurt from the move, trying to get to his feet.]

Raines: Geez! I think he killed her!

Archer: Unbelievable splash from Santa! And I think he's looking to end it here.

[Tiami Tyler, to her credit, is up but is met with a boot to the gut. Santa locks her up, then drops her with the Sleigh Ride (Pedigree)! He rolls her over and hooks the legs...]




["Here Comes Santa Claus" by Gene Autry plays once more as the bell sounds.]

Keith Williams: Here is your winner... and NEW UWL Junior-Heavyweight Champion... SANTA CLAUS!!!

Archer: We have a new champion!

Raines: It's a Christmas Miracle!

[Santa is rewarded his Junior-Heavyweight Championship as he is slow to get to his feet. Snow begins falling as he exits the ring. Mrs Claus is there to greet him and give him a big hug.]

Raines: Man... The rich gets richer.

Archer: Congratulations to the new Junior-Heavyweight Champion, Santa Claus.

Raines: Who cleans up this snow?

Archer: Good question...

[The IWF Tag Team Champions and now UWL Tag Team Title Number One Contenders, Any Given Sundae, are backstage in the catering area having a little celebration after their match from earlier in the night. Sweet Treat is randomly grabbing food off the table and smashing it into his mask and letting it simply fall to his feet. The Cone leans down under a container that has lemonade in it, pulls on the lever, and lets the lemonade wash over his mask and to the floor as well. The Cone stands back up and lets out a yell of jubilation while Sweet Treat continues to pick through the food and doesn’t pay as much attention to what is going on with the camera.]

The Cone: The Any Given Sundae Experience rolls on! We were honored to have a spot on this show tonight and it will be an even bigger honor when we become the next UWL Tag Team Champions. What do you think about that, Treat?

[Sweet Treat turns his head around for a moment.]

Sweet Treat: I think this pineapple is delicious.

The Cone: No. About our match tonight and our future Tag Team Title shot?

Sweet Treat: Oh, that. Yeah, that’s awesome.

The Cone: Awesome. No doubt.

Sweet Treat: When we get our shot whoever has those titles needs to know that we are bringing everything we have to that match. But... that pineapple...

[Sweet Treat turns his attention back to the table of food.]

The Cone: Eat up, my friend. Because tonight we keep the party rolling. We’ve earned it. Let me say this. We don’t really care who wins tonight between Harter, Castellanos, Night, and Ice, because we will take on anyone that we are asked to face. We don’t discriminate and we love the competition of it all. We are so close to taking the next step in our mission of sharing tag team wrestling with the world and whoever we get to face will be part of that journey. Whoever the champions are after tonight just need to know that Any Given Sundae will be ready whenever they are and we can’t wait to do what we do. Any other thoughts, buddy?

[Sweet Treat turns to respond to his partner.]

Sweet Treat: Huh?

The Cone: Any final thoughts?

Sweet Treat: I want some hot chocolate.

The Cone: Works for me. Have a good match to all those in the Tag Team Title match. We can’t wait to meet up in the future.

[The Cone nods towards the camera and then pats his partner on the back as they both look over the catering table and enjoy the spoils of victory.]

[We are all set for the Battle Royal, but first, UWL Vice President, Sean Prime stands in the UWL ring. He has something sitting in the ring, covered up. Prime holds a mic, waiting for the crowd to settle down a bit.]

Raines: Who is this guy?

Archer: ... That's one of your bosses Mac. He's the Vice President of the League.

Raines: Oh. Fooled me.

Sean Prime: We hope you have enjoyed Spring Stampede so far, and next we have an over the top Battle Royal, showcasing an athlete from four League promotions, and a Free Agent. It will be something spectacular for sure.

Raines: He's so corny.

Archer: You better be careful.

Sean Prime: Many wondered, besides maybe a fat check, what's to gain for winning this battle royal? Fair question. But, I have an answer, and the answer is this...

[Prime steps to the covered mystery item, and pulls the cover away. What is revealed is a brand new championship. Prime grabs the title, raising for everyone to see.]

Sean Prime: This is the UWL American Heavyweight Championship belt. And the winner of this Battle Royal will become the first ever UWL American Heavyweight Champion.

Raines: Ooooohhh pretty!

Archer: This already promising battle royal just got a whole lot more interesting. A brand new championship.

Raines: And who ever is left standing in this battle royal will be the first ever American Champion. I dig it.

Archer: And we will have this battle royal, right after this.

-Commercial Break-
IWF Commercial

”This means war” by Nickel back starts to play, and scenes start to go along with the music. It starts with T.J. Codair holding up the IWF Heavyweight Title above his head and the fans rushing to the ring to celebrate with him. It fades to Josh Anderson standing on a stage slowly clapping his hands. Mage’s Voice the color commentator of the IWF comes over the music.

Mage: The Inferno Wrestling Federation.

Picture of Will Haynes pinning Chris Night comes on the screen, it shifts to Alex Andrews delivering a super kick to Keith Burnette. Then we see Pretty Boy Floyd giving a melon melt to Mike Jobs, it shifts yet again to Skid Row nailing Devereaux with the Skidd Mark.

Mage: Las Vegas

The camera pans the length of the strip, then shifts to show the Takeover taking out Adam Law, it shifts to Chris night ending Brian Larsen’s career. The scene fades into pictures of Jade and Liliana. Then it transfers over to Any Given Sundae celebrating in the back with their Tag Titles.

Mage: Competition breads greatness.

We see Chris Johnson nailing a Trident on an opponent, Then we see J Stevenson hitting Aiden with the Punked DDT. It fades into Rapture beating Jericho Slade and getting his hand raised in victory.

Mage: Active Twitter wars.

The scene shows tweet after tweet from various roster members.

Mage: Unleashed, every ten days. Combustion the next major pay per view on may 1st. Josh Anderson challenges T.J. Codair for the IWF Title.

The scene shows Anderson and T.J. in a stare down in the middle of the ring with Codair holding the belt high above his head.

Mage: www.Infernowrestlingfederation.com @TherealIWF Follow us, and watch as we become Unleashed.

The camera fades with the IWF logo.

-Match Three-
Battle Royal
UWL American Heavyweight Championship
Tony Edison vs Leon Corella vs Virgil Keenan vs Tyler Graves vs Shane Hunt vs Alex Andrews vs Skidd Row vs Jake Wakefield

[Most of the participants are already in the ring as we come back from commercials. Tyler Graves, Virgil Keenan, Shane Hunt, Alex Andrews, and Skidd Row stand in the ring, scoping their opponents.]

Raines: Look at all that new blood.

Archer: All of these men, as well as several others, are making their UWL debuts. And they have a chance to make history.

Raines: Should we go over the rules for the morons?

Archer: I suppose it wouldn't hurt, but I don't recommend calling our loyal fans 'morons.'

Raines: Meh.

Archer: Fair enough. The rules are simple folks, when the bell sounds, it will be chaos. Every man for themselves. No pinfalls, no submissions. You are eliminated when you are sent over the top rope, and both feet touch the floor. That pretty much cover it?

Raines: Umm... yeah. It does.

["Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk plays as Tony Edison makes his way to the ring.]

Archer: And there is Tony Edison. A well respected wrestler, who looks to finally get it rolling in the UWL.

Raines: He's a scrub.

Archer: He is certainly no scrub, and he has a chance to be a Free Agent taking home UWL gold.

Raines: Yeah, that's what we need.

["I'm better than you" by Sam Adams hits the UWL sound system as the fans stand to their feet as soon as gold spotlights start to flicker throughout the arena. Jake Wakefield's entrance video starts playing as his hot shots from past matches fill the tron. Jake Wakefield then walks out from behind the entrance curtains, solo tonight.]

Raines: Now there's a true competitor. Everything you need in a wrestler. Great body, great technician. Filthy rich. And a smoking hot babe.

Archer: Jake Wakefield usually has Kandi Washington and Drake Knight with him, but I assume those two are preparing for their matches, also possibly taking gold home tonight.

Raines: Talk about an unforgettable night!

[ "House of the Rising Sun" by Muse plays as Leon Corella steps out to a very mixed reaction. Leon walks down the ramp, looking at the full ring. Every eye on him.]

Raines: Now that's gotta be the favorite. Damn what the fans on Countdown say. He's the vet. He's the one who will get down and dirty and do whatever it takes to win this thing.

Archer: And you gotta believe that with the American Heavyweight Title on the line, he may be even hungrier.

[All eight men are in the ring, keeping to themselves, and keeping a safe distance from everyone else. The bell sounds.]

Archer: And this over the top battle royal is underway!

Raines: American Heavyweight Title to be determined in a battle royal! Spectacular!

[After a bit of hesitation, no one wanting to make the first mistake, its Skidd Row that breaks the silence. He makes a quick dash to Tyler Graves, who was in a corner, and not prepared for Skidd Row. Skidd goes to work quickly on Graves with solid right hands, and changing it up with kicks to the midsection. Tyler tries defending himself, but ends up slouched over in the corner, just praying Skidd Row gives up and goes to fight someone else.]

Raines: Skidd Row, going bonkers on Tyler Graves. Tyler never knew what hit him.

[Tony Edison joins the fray in the corner by clubbing the back of Skidd Row from behind. Edison connects a well placed shot to the ribs of Skidd Row, really slowing him down.]

Archer: Edison comes to save his friend.

Raines: Scrub.

[Meanwhile, Leon Corella and Virgil Keenan have began battling. Nothing special. Just your traditional battle royal punch fest. Jake Wakefield does join in, and catches Keenan with a knee to the back. Keenan stumbles towards the ropes, where Corella and Wakefield surprisingly work together, trying to muscle Keenan over, to eliminate him.]

Archer: We have our first elimination attempt. Leon Corella and Jake Wakefield of all people working together against Virgil Keenan.

Raines: Why does he wear a mask? Is he some ugly dude that has really low self esteem?

Archer: How about you ask him after the match?

Raines: Looks like I'll be getting to here soon. He's almost out.

[Virgil is showing great determination not to make this a short night, and hanging in. When he realizes this is a lost battle, Jake Wakefield gives up, and instead jumps the unsuspecting Leon Corella. He hits a running knee on Corella, then quickly follows up with a neckbreaker, dropping the bigger Corella.]

Raines: I like this Jake Wakefield. He knew he wasn't getting Keenan over, so he moved on and dropped Corella with a textbook neckbreaker.

Archer: Wakefield is a thinking mans wrestler. That is for sure.

[Alex Andrews has Shane Hunt propt up on the turnbuckle, laying across the ropes, trying to dump him over. It takes a well placed thumb to the eye to make Andrews stop. Hunt recovers and sits on the top rope. He leaps off, and drops Andrews with a double axe handle.]

Archer: The Aussie from AWF survives.

Raines: He is a self described Anti-American. How fitting would it be if an anti american won the American Heavyweight Title?

Archer: Hunt is certainly capable of doing just that.

[Graves has recovered from the early attack from Skidd Row and has even helped Tony Edison double team him. Tony decides to go else where to do damage. As soon as he turns around, he is treated to a huge spear from Leon Corella, folding him up. The crowd let's out a roar, as they approve of the incredible spear.]

Raines: Geez! What a spear!

Archer: Corella runs right through Edison with a tremendous spear.

Raines: Someone check and see if Edison still has a midsection.

[Corella gets to his feet, and when he looks up, he is standing eye to eye with Tyler Graves. And Graves looks ready for a fight.]

Raines: Here we go! Corella and Graves!

Archer: Corella was briefly in the FGA, along with Tyler Graves, but was not well liked.

Raines: Not well liked? The guy was hated by everyone. He also left the company after even management couldn't get a long with the guy.

[Corella smiles that evil smile, then the two start brawling. They trade punches, neither even stopping to let the other get a shot in. The crowd's full attention is set on the middle of the ring watching Corella and Graves try to break each other's skulls. It's not until Skidd Row comes in from behind Tyler Graves, and drops him that the brawl ends. The crowd lets Skidd know just how much they hate him for doing so. Corella let's him know too. With an incredibly stiff clothesline, turning Skidd Row inside out. Which the crowd loved.]

Archer: I don't think that was wise on Skidd Row's part.

Raines: He just got drilled! Bet he won't do that again.

[Wakefield again has Virgil Keenan on the verge of elimination, but Keenan fights out, and gives Wakefield a back elbow before taking him down with a snap suplex. Keenan rises to his feet just as Alex Andrews meets him with a right hand, stumbling the masked man. Virgil retaliates with a right hand, but Andrews ducks underneath and waistlocks Keenan. He is attempting a german suplex, but Keenan is able to counter, not allowing Andrews to do so. Keenan hits a few back elbows, freeing him from Andrews grasp. As he resets, Skidd Row is charging at Keenan. Virgil ducks, and backdrops Skidd Row over the top rope. Skidd Row lands on his feet on the apron, but Virgil Keenan connects a back kick to the abdomen of Row. Andrews takes the opportunity to hit a running boot to Skidd Row, causing Skidd to fall to the floor.]

Skidd Row has been eliminated

Archer: Alex Andrews eliminates fellow IWF wrestler, Skidd Row.

Raines: Oh, that will certainly be discussed back in Las Vegas.

[Andrews and Keenan look at each other almost as if to say "good job" before each going elsewhere to battle. Corella has turned his attention to Shane Hunt, and the two are brawling. Alex Andrews joins that skurmish, while Keenan has found Jake Wakefield again.]

Raines: Is it me, or are Wakefield and Keenan always finding each other?

Archer: Perhaps theres a grudge there.

[Tony Edison has finally made it to his feet and bumps into Tyler Graves. The two look at each other, shake hands and are set to battle.]

Archer: This should be good. Two men who respect each other. Nice to see sportsmanship in 2013.

Raines: Scrubs.

Archer: Will you stop saying that?

[Edison and Graves tie up, jocking for position. Edison takes Graves down with a legsweep. Graves hustles to his feet, and returns the favor on Edison. Tony hops up, and takes Graves down with an armdrag. When Graves is up, he takes Edison down with a headlock takedown. Edison uses his legs to trap the head and neck of Graves. Graves nips up, and Edison hustles up. They are at a stand still.]

Archer: Still think they are scrubs?

[The two men shake hands again, but just when they are set to go at it again, Leon Corella comes bulldozing ahead. Corella clotheslines them both over the top rope! Edison falls to the floor, while Graves somehow lands on the apron.]

Tony Edison has been eliminated

[Graves gets to his feet, on the apron and blocks a right hand from Corella. He gets some space by connecting a few forearms to the face of Corella. Corella staggers back as Graves leaps, springboarding off the top rope. He comes flying back into the ring, only to be caught in mid-air by Corella. Corella holds Graves, having him at his mercy. Corella turns his back to the ropes, then muscles Graves over with a fall away slam type throw, heaving Graves over the top and crashing to the floor.]

Tyler Graves has been eliminated

Raines: Yes I do! Sweet satisfaction for Leon Corella!

Archer: Impressive show of strength by Corella, eliminating two men.

[Leon Corella is fired up after eliminating an FGA wrestler, and a former FGA wrestler. He turns around as Virgil Keenan is running at him. Corella tries to clothesline him, but Keenan ducks. Virgil springs onto the middle rope, then turns in midair and connects a shin kick to the face. And it connects perfectly on Corella. As soon as Corella is hit, he falls, and is holding his nose.]

Archer: Incredible shin kick, shining wizard type move from Virgil Keenan! And Corella may have a broken nose.

Raines: It's trickling blood Frankie. Vicious shot from Keenan.

[Corella is down, and possibly out as Keenan looks to follow up, but is hit from behind by Wakefield, who then drops him with a Russian Legsweep. Wakefield takes Keenan to the ropes, for yet another attempt at an elimination. This time he actually gets him over! But Keenan lands on the apron safely. A furious Jake Wakefield watches Keenan slowly climb to his feet on the apron, then turns to hit the ropes, to gain speed.]

Raines: Here he goes! He's finally gonna get it done!

[Before Wakefield can hit the ropes, Shane Hunt grabs him by the head and uses Wakefields own momentum to guide him over the top rope and crashing to the floor.]

Jake Wakefield has been eliminated

Archer: Or not. Jake goes flying over the ropes. So much for that stable getting all the gold tonight.

Raines: That was almost funny. Poor Jake.

Archer: We're down to four! One of these four men will walk out as the American Heavyweight Champion!

[Shane Hunt is taunting Wakefield after eliminating him. Alex Andrews sneaks up from behind and throws Hunt over. Hunt lands on the apron and quickly rolls in, and retreats to a safe side of the ring. Andrews doesn't bother chasing him down. He simply smiles, knowing he almost had Hunt. Virgil Keenan spots Shane Hunt sitting in the corner, runs across the ring and drills him with a face wash. Virgil brings Hunt out of the corner, and drops him with a T-Bone Backbreaker.]

Archer: That right there is what Virgil Keenan is known for. He loves putting a combo of backbreakers together.

[Keenan may had the intent of putting a combo together, but he is stalled when a bloody nosed Leon Corella hits him from behind. Keenan drops the beaten down Shane Hunt, and drops to a knee himself. Corella lifts Keenan up, then drops him with a back suplex.]

Raines: Corella getting back in this fight despite a possible broken nose. Tough son of a bitch.

Archer: That he is.

[Corella takes Keenan towards the ropes, looking to eliminate him. The two men struggle, with everything on the line. Virgil Keenan refuses to be eliminated, and kicks and squirms until he breaks free. Keenan is obviously winded, and creates space for himself. Alex Andrews takes marches over to Shane Hunt, who has been basically motionless for some time now. Andrews is looking to eliminate Hunt, but Hunt shows signs of life, and connects with elbows to the midsection of Andrews, then a thumb to the eye for good measure.]

Archer: All of these men refusing to quit.

Raines: The guts. The determination. The desire. All to become the American Champion.

[Hunt takes down Andrews and simply chokes him. No secret about it. Straught up choke. Finally, Hunt lets go, allowing Andrews to breath. Hunt lifts Andrews up, then kicks him in the gut. Hunt goes for a Complete Shot, but Andrews spins out of it and stands behind Hunt. Andrews grabs Hunt with a waistlock, powers him up, then drops him with a German Suplex. Andrews hangs onto the waist of Hunt, and looks for a second german.]

Archer: Alex Andrews is known for his rolling german suplexes.

[Apparently, Shane Hunt knew this as well and is able to counter the second german. He rocks Andrews with back elbows, then shoves him away. Andrews hits the ropes, and Hunt surprises everyone when he explodes, lifting Andrews up and slamming him down with a Spine Buster.]

Raines: Devestating spinebuster! Andrews is done for!

Archer: But Shane Hunt has to throw him over the top rope. He can't simply pin him.

[Hunt brings the lifeless Alex Andrews to his feet and throws him over the top rope. Andrews, perhaps out of instincts, lands on his feet on the apron. He seems out on his feet, as Hunt rocks him with right hands. Leon Corella comes over and aides Hunt in hammering Andrews. The two are relentless, even desperate, until finally Alex Andrews falls back, to the floor.]

Alex Andrews has been eliminated

Raines: Wow!

Archer: Andrews held on as long as he could Mac. But it was too much.

Raines: It took an onslaught of right hands to knock him out.

[Shane Hunt wastes no time in trying to eliminate Corella now. He is trying to power the big man up over the ropes, but is unable to do so. Corella is able to out power Hunt, shoving him away, and to the center of the ring. Virgil Keenan sneaks up from behind Shane Hunt and applies a half-nelson. Keenan then powers Hunt up, and delievers a bone shattering Half Nelson Suplex. Shane Hunt folds up like an accordian, then lies flat on the mat.]

Raines: Oh that was a nasty landing.

[Keenan gets on his feet and is greeted by Corella, who rocks him with a right hand. Corella almost dares Virgil to swing back. Virgil does so, and Corella catches him, then slams him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Corella stalks Keenan, who is trying to get to his feet. Corella lifts Keenan onto his shoulder, carries him to the corner, then drops Keenan face first onto the turnbuckle with snake eyes. Corella turns and hits the ropes. On the return, Corella connects a running big boot.]

Archer: Leon Corella is on a roll right now.

[Corella doesn't look to eliminate Virgil just yet, and instead backs him into the ropes and irish whips him off. Virgil bounces off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline from Corella. On the second rebound, Virgil leaps onto the middle rope, looking for his springboard shin kick yet again. Corella sees it forming, and before Virgil can leap, Leon simply shoves Keenan from behind, sending him toppling over the ropes.]

Raines: Leon remembers that busted nose from earlier!

Archer: Virgil Keenan is hanging on!

[Keenan does hang onto the top rope. His feet are dangling just inches above the floor. Corella has already turned his back to Keenan, so he is unaware that Keenan is still in the match. Meanwhile, Shane Hunt is up and jumps Corella from behind. Hunt steps back and waits for Corella to turn around. Corella turns right into a Superkick, that sends him stumbling to the ropes. Hunt charges at Corella, going to clothesline him over the ropes. Corella ducks. Hunt nearly loses his balance at the ropes, but turns around, just in time to watch Corella come firing right back with his own clothesline, sending Hunt AND HIMSELF over the top rope. Surprisingly BOTH men are hanging onto the top rope, attemping to skin the cat.]

Raines: Can you believe this!

Archer: The two men are right beside each other, kicking and swaying, trying to skin the cat, back over the top rope.

Raines: Look! They're kicking at each other!

[Corella and Hunt are kicking at one another, hoping the other slips off. Meanwhile, Virgil Keenan, on the other side of the ring, actually does skin the cat and finds himself in the ring, and spots the action. Keenan wastes no time in running ahead and connecting a split legged baseball slide dropkick. The impact forces both unaware men to lose their grip on the top rope, and falling to the floor!]

Shane Hunt and Leon Corella are eliminated

Raines: It's over!

Archer: Unbelievable, wiley move by Virgil Keenan!

["Yonkers" by Tyler, The Creator plays as the bell sounds and the crowd errupts. Keenan is sitting down, breathing heavy as a UWL ref comes into the ring, handing him is brand new American Heavyweight Title.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner of the over the top rope battle royal, and NEW UWL American Heavyweight Champion.... VIRGIL KEENAN!!

[Keenan raises the American Heavyweight Title high for the world to see. Hunt is lying on the outside. Corella is stand up by now, and is shocked as to what happened. He is leaning on the barricade watching Virgil Keenan celebrate.]

Archer: What a tremendous match. And congratulations to Virgil Keenan. Our first American Heavyweight Champion!

Raines: Hats off to a man that never wears hats. Because a hat on a mask would just be stupid.

Archer: ... And on that note, we'll be right back.

-Commercial Break-
New Members In The League
The United Wrestling League is proud to announce that NEW and PWF have joined the UWL. NEW is based out of Chicago, IL, while Pro Wrestling FRONTIER is the first promotion in the UWL from overseas. The PWF is based out of Southampton, UK, expanding the League internationally.

P.W. Syndicated will air each companies next Events as well.

New Edge Wrestling
Pro Wrestling FRONTIER

[We come back from commercials to a pleasant scene. The rather seductive legs of Elizabeth Terry as she has one leg kicked out, lacing up her boots. The crowd let's out cheers/hoots/whistles/typical male chanting.]

Raines: Hello!

Archer: Elizabeth Terry preparing for her Ladies World Championship match later tonight. History will be made.

Raines: Can this be the rest of the show? This right here?

[Elizabeth Terry stands up, and begins warming up as we cut back to ringside.]

-Match Four-
Chris Horton vs Ty Lukas

[The arena is loud as the fans are screaming, cheering, and shouting. Suddenly, we hear a murmur of the words There's a murmur of the words, "Rйsultats sexuelles. Les rйsultats sont super sexuelles." as "Sexy Results" by DFA 1979 hits. Ty Lukas steps through the curtains and stands on the stage, taking in the pretty good crowd reaction.]

Archer: Here comes Ty Lukas, a great up-and-comer from GWR, and he's looking ready to go tonight!

[Lukas walks down the ramp, greeting the fans, slapping a few hands, and even a few faces. He doesn't botch a single high-five turned fist bump, and he quickly gets to the ring and slides in.]

Williams: The following match is a singles match, and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing GWR, he is their current Television champion... from Acadia Parish, Louisiana.... Tyyyyy Luuuukaaaaaasssss!

[Ty holds his arms high quick, walking around the ring, continuing to dance to his music. His cocky smile fades though, as the stage begins to fill with smoke as the arena lights dim as an air raid siren cries out throughout the arena and the heavy guitars of “Bring It On Down” by Oasis kick in to a rapturous roar from the crowd in attendance. As the song reaches its verse, the man himself steps on to the stage, greeted by wave of adulation and loud applause.]

Mac: Yes, but what I don't think you get, is that Chris Horton, simply put, is a god damned animal. I don't see Lukas lasting a whole lot more than five minutes with him.

[Wearing his ring gear along with a black zipped hoodie with the hood pulled up, Horton simply raises his arms to his sides to incite more from the fans that worship The Vigilante. He holds this pose as he begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring where his opponent awaits him in the ring.]

Williams: And his opponent, from Manchester, England, weighing in tonight at two-hundred-and-twenty of the Queen’s English pounds...THE VIGILANTE...CHRIS HORTON!!!

[The crowd roars as his name is announced as Horton slides in to the ring and climbs the closest turnbuckle, pulls down his hood and he riles himself up by soaking in the reaction of the crowd. Climbing down from the turnbuckle, he once more raises his arms out wide. The lights return to normal as Horton throws his hoodie out of the ring. As he crouches down in the corner of the ring and stares towards his opponent, his music cuts and the thousands in the arena chant his name in unison as they support the legend in the making.]

[The match starts, and both men lock up. It starts pretty well for Horton, as he is able to force Lukas into the corner and squish him there. He throws a back handed chop that gets the crowd all riled up. He then throws another, then another. He goes for a fourth, which doesn't pan out, and Lukas is able to catch his arm. He then throws a kick to Horton's midsection, and tries whipping Horton into the ropes, but Horton stays motionless and whips Lukas instead. Lukas comes back and is met with an arm drag. He gets right back up, hitting Lukas with several quick clotheslines, which send him right back down to the mat over and over. Lukas finally ducks under one, and, with some quick thought, is able to kick and swing his leg backward, kicking Horton in the head with his heel, as both men lay on the mat for a couple seconds.]

Archer: Wow, Lukas looks like he could give it his all this match, and really put Horton to the test.

Mac: Well of course he's gonna give it his all, Archer. That's what wrestlers are paid to do. No matter what, you leave everything you have in that ring.

[They get to their feet simultaneously, and lock up again. Horton whips Lukas into the opposite ropes, but Lukas catches himself on the top rope and is able to stop himself from being sent back to Horton to get hit. Horton charges at Lukas, who grabs one of Horton's arms and starts an Armbar, but Horton swings one of his arms around before it can go anywhere and hits him square in the nose. This forces Lukas back a few steps, and Horton is able to get himself a spare second. He runs and hits Lukas with a running high knee, which puts Lukas back down on the mat. Horton wastes no time now, flipping Lukas over and locking in an ankle lock. But the moment he gets it locked in, no time is wasted by Lukas, who is able to pull himself quickly to the ropes on his arms and grab the bottom, forcing a break.]

Archer: And a quick move to the ropes by Lukas there!

Mac: Horton woulda broke his ankle if it weren't for rope breaks, guaranteed.

[Lukas hops to his feet, turns around, and is met with a huge Clothesline by Horton, which hits him with enough force to knock him over the top rope. Lukas falls to the apron, but that's as far as he goes. He gets up with the help of the ropes, and Horton grabs him by the back of the head, pulling him to the corner and ramming his head into the ringpost. Lukas immediately drops to the floor on the outside, and a smile crosses Horton's face. He goes to the top rope and dives off, landing a huge Diving Elbow Drop that gets the fans to explode in cheers from the impact of it. He picks Lukas up and rolls him into the ring, but he keeps his head sticking out of the ring, and he runs and slams an elbow into the face of Lukas, who rolls into the ring quickly, covering his face in pain. Horton slides into the ring, covering Lukas quickly, but Lukas kicks out just before two.]

Archer: All that violence and it still wasn't enough to put Lukas away!

[Horton gets to his feet and Lukas crawls around the ring, grabbing a rope and pulling himself to his feet. Horton grabs him by the head and pulls him to the middle of the ring, dropping him hard with a DDT that plants his face right into the mat. He hops back up and grabs Lukas, pulling him to his feet and planting a few right hands to the face. He throws a couple hard jabs followed by an uppercut, which sends Lukas into the corner. He charges the corner and hits Lukas with a high knee, and he pulls him out, looking for a running bulldog, but Lukas lifts him and slams him into the mat, as Horton lands hard on his tailbone.]

Mac: God damn, he took a hard shot to the mat there, and now his ass might be more fucked than most prisoners'!

[Horton rolls onto his side, holding his lower back in pain, and Lukas runs, kicking Horton hard in the ribs. Lukas covers and hooks the leg, but only gets a two count before Horton is able to get a shoulder in the air. Lukas looks a little frustrated, pulling Horton to his feet and he throws a huge right hook that could put an end to a regular person's entire week, let alone a single wrestling match. He looks around at the fans, that arrogant smile comes back to his face. Horton is in the center of the ring, flat, and Lukas walks over to one side of the ring, leaning on the ropes and bobbing his head, as though listening to some nice dance beat. He starts a moonwalk across the ring, stopping near Horton and jumping, looking for his trademark, the Moonwalk, but Horton rolls out of the way, and Lukas is left hitting the mat hard.]

Archer: And that's what happens when arrogance gets the better of you, and this is what seperates the greats from the forgettable.

Mac: Excuse me? There's nothing wrong with what you call "arrogant" to begin with, and what do you know about forgettable?

Archer: Well, it is kind of my job...

Mac: Your job is to call the match, and speaking of that, you know what is forgettable? Your commentary!

[Lukas pulls himself up slowly, holding his midsection in pain, and Horton is able to grab and wrench the arm of Lukas, twisting it as he pulls himself under Lukas' arm, and he lifts a leg, kicking Lukas hard in the face with his heel, dropping Lukas immediately. He picks Lukas up and lifts him over his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry, and he marches around the ring, showing off some decent strength as he continues carrying Lukas around. But it may have taken too long, as Lukas is able to squirm a little, slipping out of Horton's carry and sliding toward Horton's front, landing a hard DDT, causing another large pop or small eruption from the fans. He leans on the corner as Horton starts to stir. Now Lukas stares as Horton slowly gets himself to one knee. Lukas charges over and hits Horton hard in the face with a knee, connecting with the URGE! He covers quickly, 1.....2......3!]

Mac: Oh my God! Ty Lukas has just defeated Chris Horton!

Archer: Wow!

Mac: I don't think anybody saw him picking this up!

Archer: Definitely not... Challenging him? Sure, beating him... How could they ever think that?

[Lukas gets to his feet, holding his arms high as the fans cheer for him and Horton rolls out of the ring, leaning on the apron as he looks up at Lukas, who looks down at Horton, once agian wearing his trademark arrogant smirk.]

[We see the UWL World Tag Team Champions, Alex Castellanos and Dom Harter heading down the halls.]

Archer: The unlikely champs look to continue their reign, as they take on Sweet Annihilation, NEXT!

-Commercial Break-
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-Match Five-
UWL World Tag Team Championships
Alex Castellanos & Dom Harter (c) vs Sweet Annihilation

["Dominance & Submission" by Blue Oyster Cult plays as Sweet Annihilation appear on the rampway. Both stand tall, showing how big and dominate they are.]

Keith Williams: The following contest os for the UWL World Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, the challengers, making their way to the ring, Ice... Drake Knight... SWEEEET ANNIIIHIIILAATTIONNNN!!!

[Ice and Drake Knight slowly make their way to the ring, without much flash about them. They climb in, and wait on the champs.]

Raines: This is going to be interesting. Look at these two! Drake Knight is a brick wall. And Ice... is a brick wall with brick boobs. And I mean that in the most respectful manner ever. Please don't crush me Ice.

Archer: It'll be interesting how Harter and Castellanos will be able to counter this raw strength of Sweet Annihilation.

[The lights in the place turn to a gold hue as "King of the World" by Porcelain and the Tramps hits and the fans go wild with cheers as the man representing them tonight, Alex Castellanos, heads out from the back looking completely in the zone and ready to go as he heads down the ramp with his UWL Tag Team Title around his waist.]

Keith Williams: And introducing their opponents, first, from Galveston, Texas, weighing in at 220 pounds. One half of the UWL World Tag Team Champions... ALLLEEEXX CASTELLLLLAANNOOOOSS!!

[Alex heads past the fans who pat his back as he heads up the ramp, looking completely focused as he walks around the ring, hesitating to enter the ring, until his music dies down, and is replace by the opening chords of “Superunknown” as Dom Harter steps out from behind the black curtain. He stands there, stroking his beard with a devilish grin on his face, not once taking his eyes off the opponents in the ring as he begins his slow, deliberate walk down the aisle.]

Keith Williams: And his tag team partner... From Cambridge, Ontario, Canada... Weighing in at 235 pounds... One half of the UWL World Tag Team Champions. The Tenacious Little Bastard... DOM HAAARRRTERRR!!!

[Harter ignores most of the fans in attendance, their noise not affecting him as he climbs up the steel steps and alongside Castellanos, enters the ring. Both men hold their UWL Tag Team Titles high.]

Archer: Castellanos and Harter continue to surprise as Tag Team Champions.

Raines: It is surprising, but at the same time, both are two incredible wrestlers individually. It's impressive how they seem to have chemistry and work well together, but it's no surprise that these two are able to win gold.

[Harter's music fades away as we are nearly set to get under way. Drake Knight is starting for his team, as Castellanos starts for the champions.]

Raines: Here we go partner!

[The bell sounds and Alex is looking up and down the monster that is Drake Knight. Alex steps up to Drake who is standing tall, looking like a big thick tree. Alex stands in front of Drake, and looks like a child in comparison. The two go for a tie up, but Alex, using his speed, quickly grabs the arm of Drake Knight, and wrenches it. Drake Knight simply palms the forehead of Castellanos with his other hand and shoves him off. Castellanos stumbles back, before gaining his balance, a bit taken back by the strength of Drake Knight.]

Raines: Sweet Jesus he just shoved him across the ring!

Archer: No one ever questioned the strength of Drake Knight.

[The two circle the ring again and Alex lunges at Drake, connecting with a right forearm. He continues his assault, then applies some kicks to the arsenal. Drake Knight catches the leg of Alex Castellanos. Alex is bouncing on one foot, until Drake shoves him back. Alex falls to the mat, but rolls over, quickly getting back on his feet. He charges ahead, and tries knocking Drake Knight down. Well that didn't do much. Knight doesn't even so much as budges as the two grown men collide. Castellanos looks in disbelief before turning and hitting the ropes, for extra speed and leverage. He comes barreling in, and again tries running through Knight. Again, it fails. Castellanos even seems to have injured his shoulder as Knight just stands there, daring Alex to do it again.]

Raines: He can't be that dumb.

Archer: Alex Castellanos really should try to find another way to take the big man down.

Raines: Maybe throw a textbook at him. That'll knock his oger-ass out.

[Drake, veins popping, dares Castellanos to try again. Alex takes a deep breath, then turns and hits the ropes again.]

Archer: Third time is the charm?

Raines: Not likely.

[As Castellanos comes charging ahead, Dom Harter sneaks into the ring behind Knight. As Castellanos makes contact with the shoulder of Drake Knight, Dom Harter goes low and takes out of of the big legs. Drake Knight tumbles to the mat hard.]


Archer: Impressive team work. Harter and Castellanos proving that their chemistry is building.

[Harter quickly slides out of the ring, implying he never left his corner, which obviously doesn't fool the ref who just watched him get in. Drake Knight quickly rolls to his corner, trying to work on his knee, that may have been tweaked by the chopblock from Dom Harter. He reaches up and tags in Ice, which get's the crowd intrigued.]

Raines: This should be good!

[Ice steps in, and Castellanos is just as confused about how to take on Ice as he was with Drake Knight. Ice charges at Alex, but he ducks underneath. Ice spins to face Castellanos, and is met with a knife-edge chop. That doesn't phase her. A jab to the well defined abdomen has the same effect, or lack thereof. Several jabs to the midsection, and jaw just bounce right off the steel like structure of the Ice Queen.]

Archer: What can you do?

[Castellanos has one more idea. A thumb to the eye! This atleast blinds Ice, as the crowd enjoys the smart tactic.]

Raines: That!

Archer: Well, Castellanos and Harter are doing whatever it takes, just to start chipping away at these monsters.

Raines: I love it!

[Castellanos quickly applies an armbar on Ice and manages to bring her to his corner. Castellanos tags in Dom Harter, who steps in and takes a free shot on the tricep of Ice. As Castellanos lets go of Ice's arm, Harter grabs it, and applies the exact same armbar. Harter spins a few times, applying even more pressure. Harter quickly tags back in Castellanos, who climbs the top rope, then drops down, landing with a double axe handle on the arm of Ice.]

Archer: Sound tag team wrestling from Castellanos and Harter.

Raines: Yeah, gotta give them props here. They have started working on the arm. The giant, giant arm of The Ice Queen. It'll be a little harder for her to throw them around with one arm.

Archer: Maybe...

[Castellanos tags Harter back in, then snapmares Ice down to the mat. He holds onto her hand, as Harter climbs onto the top rope. Harter leaps off, and comes crashing down, knee first onto the arm of Ice. Ice is in agony, and it shows.]

Raines: They are really taking out the right arm of Ice.

Archer: Sound strategy by the champs.

[Dom Harter grabs Ice by the hair, then keeps the armlock marathon running. This time, they are in the center of the ring. Without being able to get a quick tag, Ice backs Harter back, all the way to her corner. Drake Knight tags himself in. Harter sees this, and manages to back out of the corner, before Sweet Annihilation is able to double team him.]

Archer: Ice really needed that tag. Her arm is really hurting her.

[Knight bates Harter in, and connects a knee to the abdomen. Harter doubles over, and is treated with a club to the back, dropping him to a knee. Knight muscles Harter up onto a shoulder, and carries him to a neutral corner, sitting him on the top turnbuckle. The ref is asking for a clean break, but Drake Knight simply slaps Harter in the face.]

Raines: OH SNAP!

[Castellanos runs the apron, trying to get a hold of Knight for disrespecting his partner like that. He misses, but the distraction brings Knight out of the corner. Harter stands on the middle rope, as Knights back is turned, dealing with Alex. Dom leaps off and connects a dropkick to the back of Knight. The force sends the unsuspecting Knight stumbling right to Alex Castellanos. Alex takes the opportunity to take a free shot, and connects a right hand to Drake. Drake steps out of the corner and is met by a right hand from Harter. Drake steps back and is hit by Castellanos. Dom Harter follows up with a huge forarm smash that drops the big man. Harter tries an early pin...]


[Powerful kickout!]

Raines: A long way from keeping Drake Knight down for three seconds.

Archer: But sound strategy thus far, being one step ahead of Sweet Annihilation.

Raines: It's a lot like the Tiami Tyler/Santa match from earlier. Using speed to beat power.

[Harter applies a side headlock, trying to sap some energy out of the big man. Knight backs to the ropes, and Ice makes a blind tag, as Knight uses the ropes for leverage, shoving Harter off of him. Dom runs across the ring, hitting the ropes. On the return, Dom has to leap frog Drake Knight, but in mid air, Ice is there and catches Dom Harter. Ice has Harter in a bearhug. Drake Knight runs, hitting the ropes. As he comes bulldozing back, Drake Knight completes a Dom Harter sandwhich with Ice, crushing the UWL Tag Team Champion in the process.]

Raines: OUCH! Now that was impressive! Ice just caught Dom Harter in mid-air!

Archer: Incredible show of strength, and the rock that is Drake Knight may have crushed the organs of Harter.

[Harter is on the mat, clearly in pain, as Ice stalks him. She pulls Harter to his feet and makes him wobbly with a headbutt. Harter drops and hangs on the middle rope, giving Drake Knight the opportunity to hop off the apron and choke Harter, using the rope to choke him. Ice has the ref's attention as he does this. After Knight does his damage, he climbs back onto the apron just as Ice walks over and tags him in. Ice holds Harters arms from behind him, opening him up for a stiff kick from Knight.]

Archer: Sweet Annihilation have slowed down the tag champs now.

Raines: This is where it gets dangerous for Harter and Castellanos.

[Drake Knight lifts Harter up, and channels his inner British Bulldog and slams Harter down with a running powerslam. Harters back buckles as it hits the mat. Drake Knight pins, hooking the leg...]




Raines: What a slam!

Archer: Harter, seemingly in the blink of an eye, is in trouble here.

Raines: He needs a tag to Alex Castellanos, and quick.

[Knight stands over Harter as Harter tries to get to his feet, but Knight drops him right back down with a clubbing to the back. Harter retreats, on his hands and knees to a neutral corner. Drake Knight slowly follows him, and drives his knee into the abdomen of the champ. Drake stands Dom up straight, then drives his big chissled shoulder deep into the abdomen. After several of these, Knight has driven all of the air out of Harter. He drags him out of the corner, and to the center of the ring. Drake Knight easily lifts Harter up in a sidewalk slam position. Then he shows his world class strength by walking around with him, then lifts him high, before dropping him with a sidewalk slam.]

Archer: Unbelievable strength as Drake Knight and Ice continue to work the back of Harter.

Raines: There's a pin!




Archer: Man this Dom Harter is a tough kid.

Raines: He's gonna be a dead kid if he doesn't get a tag.

[Harter again crawls away, trying to create space. He crawls into the Sweet Annihilation corner however, and Ice is there to greet him. She reaches into the ring, grabbing Harter, and holding him wide open for Drake Knight. Knight gets a running start and charges ahead. At the very last second, Harter slips an elbow to the face of Ice, and rolls out of the way. Drake Knight collides with Ice, nearly knocking her off the apron. Knight is out on his feet and tries to get a hold of Harter. Dom rolls out of the way, and finds himself in the right corner. Knight is trying to stop Harter, but Dom is able to make the tag to Alex Castellanos.]

Raines: There's the tag!

[Castellanos springs over the top rope to connect a dropkick on Knight. The big man doesn't go down, but is reeling. Castellanos connects several right hands as Drake stumbles into a neutral corner. Alex climbs above him and begins the ever popular 10 count punch. The crowd chants along.]

Archer: Alex Castellanos is all over Drake Knight! He has him rocked.

Raines: Gotta stay on him!

[After six punches, Castellanos senses danger behind him, and leaps, turning in midair, and landing a cross body on an incoming Ice, who was trying to sneak behind him. Alex hops to his feet as Drake Knight is coming after him. Castellanos ducks and goes behind Knight. He kicks Knight in the gut, then drops him with a DDT. Alex pins...]




Raines: Impressive series of moves by Castellanos here. Fresh man coming in, and using his speed against Sweet Annihilation.

[Castellanos stays on Drake as Knight gets to his feet. Alex backs him into the ropes, and irish whips him off, but Knight easily reverses it, and sends Alex Castellanos shooting across the ring and hitting the ropes. Alex ducks a clothesline, but then turns right into a nasty running boot from Drake Knight. The crowd is in awe of the impact from the boot, that may have just knocked Castellanos out.]

Raines: Did you hear that?!?!

Archer: Unbeleivable impact, and we may be on the verge of having new champions.

Raines: What is Knight doing?

[Drake Knight wastes a lot of time standing over Castellanos, then walks to his corner to tag Ice. Ice comes in, and climbs onto the middle rope. She leaps off, connecting an elbow drop before pinning Alex.]




[Ice brings Castellanos to his feet, then powers him up onto her shoulder. SHe walks Alex to a corner, then drops him face first with snake eyes. Alex is dazed on his feet as Ice runs, hitting the ropes. On the return, she nearly runs through Castellanos with a big spear. Ice pins again.]




Archer: Sweet Annihilation is looking to put the champs away now. Several near falls.

Raines: They know, the longer this match goes, the better for Harter and Castellanos. They have more stamina.

[Ice again brings Alex to a vertical base. She rocks him with back elbows, then lifts him, possibly for another snake eyes, but Alex slides out of her grasp and lands on his feet behind her. Ice quickly turns around but is met with right hands. Alex is gaining momentum, but Ice puts a stop to it with a boot to the gut, doubling him over. Ice then hits a running knee, dropping Castellanos. Alex, with his fighting spirit, struggles to his feet as Ice charges at him. She looks for another spear, but Alex sidesteps. Ice goes shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle post. The sound of the impact is sickening, as she tries to come out of the corner. Alex waits for her, then drops her with a single arm DDT.]

Archer: The already injured shoulder of Ice just got a whole lot more injured by smacking the ring post. Then a great follow by Castellanos with a single arm DDT.

Raines: Now both wrestlers need to make a tag.

[Both Castellanos and Ice are crawling ever so closely to their respective corners. Ice is able to make the tag to Knight first, then Castellanos follows suit and tags in Dom Harter. Dom and Knight are in and Harter, the quicker of the two connects a leaping clothesline. Knight falls, but is right back up, only to receive another clothesline. Dom Harter sends Knight into the ropes, and attempts a hiptoss. The big Drake Knight is able to counter it, and attempts a clothesline. Dom Harter ducks, then connects a Yakuza kick. Knight stumbles into the corner. Harter charges at full speed and drives his shoulder into the big abdomen of Knight. Knight stumbles out of the corner and is dropped by the Spin The Black Circle (Double Arm DDT). Harter pins!]



[Save by Ice...]

Raines: That woulda been it! He's beaten several of great wrestlers with that move.

Archer: It would have been one more if Ice didn't save her partner.

[Ice starts stomping on Harter, but Alex Castellanos comes in to help his partner. Ice and Alex battle in the ring, until Ice dumps Castellanos to the outside. Alex lands on his feet, and reaches in the ring, tripping Ice and pulling her under the bottom rope and to the outside to continue the battle.]

Raines: Things are breaking down!

[Harter gets to his feet and steps up to Knight. Drake may have been playing posseum and immediately catches Dom with a boot to the gut. Drake sets Harter up for a powerbomb. He lifts him up, but Harter rolls through and turns it into a sunset flip, and tries pulling the big man down. Somehow, he is able to do it!]




[Both men get up, and Knight connects with a vicious clothesline, dropping Dom Harter.]

Raines: Wow! This match just keeps rolling along!

[On the outside, Castellanos and Ice are STILL brawling. Ice lifts Castellanos up, then drops him throat first onto the barricade. Inside the ring, Knight grasps Harter by the throat. He powers him up for a chokeslam, but Harter breaks free. Harter kicks Knight in the gut and looks for a running knee to the temple. Knight steps back, dodging the dangerous knee. Knight gets a hold of Harters throat again.]

Raines: Knights Slam!

Archer: Drake Knight hits the chokeslam! And now he's pinning!




Raines: WHAT?!?!

Archer: Someway, somehow, Dom Harter finds a way to kick out.

[Outside the ring, Ice begins climbing onto the apron but Alex Castellanos runs up the steel steps and shoves her off. He then leaps off connecting with a dropkick. In the ring, Knight can't beleive Harter kicked out. He's had enough, and calls for the end. Knight lifts Harter up in a firemans carry position. He is looking for the 911 (F5). And he connects! Knight pins!]



[THRE-Save by Castellanos!]

Raines: Just inches away from new champs right there!

Archer: Big time save by Alex Castellanos.

[Alex punches Knight, trying to keep him off his feet. Knight gets up and Castellanos steps back. He attempts a superkick, but Knight catches the foot. Castellanos is at Knights mercy as Knight has a smile grow on his face. But what he doesn't know is Dom Harter is up, and running at him. Harter leaps and connects a knee to the temple of Drake Knight. Knight crumples to the mat and Harter falls on top of him. Castellanos spots Ice trying to come in, and connects a baseball slide dropkick, giving Harter the chance to make the pin.]




['Superunknown' by Soundgarden plays and the bell sounds. The crowd roars as the referee hands Castellanos and Harter their tag team titles.]

Keith Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners, and STILL UWL World Tag Team Champions... ALEX CASTELLANOS AND DOM HARTER!!!

Raines: And the magic continues!

Archer: These two men just continue to find ways to win and keep their tag team titles.

[Harter is beaten badly and needs Castellanos' help to stand up. They raise their titles high in the air, to the delight of the UWL fans.]

Archer: The tag team champs bond and dare I say friendship seems to grow every single night, and with every defense they get better and better. Which is scary for the UWL Tag Team Division.

[The duo exit the ring as we fade backstage.]

The scene shifts to show Inferno sitting in his office. He is wearing an all-black suit and a yellow tie.

Inferno: Hello, world of UWL, and let me congratulate everyone for a job well done so far. To those representing the IWF we are proud of the way you have all conducted yourselves as ambassadors of our organization.

Inferno stacks some papers as he continues to talk.

Inferno: I’m in the process of trying to find a ceo to help me run things. After what happened to Adam Law, it is proving to be a strenuous effort. However, I have it narrowed down to a few qualified candidates and look forward to picking someone to help me steer the ship so to say.

Inferno’s phone chirps as he looks down at it without stopping his speech.

Inferno: But enough, about all of that. Let me take a moment to talk to all the free agents out there. The IWF is always seeking active competitors for our ranks. We are currently in need of female wrestlers preferable ones that don’t disgrace themselves in other organizations, and active tag teams. Everyone knows that we have two of the best tag teams in the UWL and they helped put on a great show tonight with the V-List. The Takeover and Any Given Sundae are always ready to take on all comers so feel free to come and challenge them to an epic duel of sprinkles, and vegetable it would appear, goodness.

Inferno stops messing with the phone and looks back up at the camera.

Inferno: To those that follow us I assure you our show on April Fool’s day is going to be nearly as entertaining as the day itself. We have made a few awesome matches that should make things interesting to say the least. The Las Vegas Title tournament is still underway, and we are starting to gain a lot of positive momentum as an organization. We owe a lot of that momentum to the UWL, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of something so awesome.

Inferno’s phone chirps again as he sighs.

Inferno: I would love to stay and talk up the IWF even more but, it would appear my friend Drew, needs to talk to me. Probably sending me on another wild goose chase, he likes to do that. But, you know wild geese make the best cheese. Have a great day UWL.

Inferno puts a briefcase on a table and opens it and begins to stuff papers into it at the scene fades.

-Match Six-
Gunner Hughes vs Lance Frost

[Without warning the lights throughout the whole arena go black. The crowd screams in anticipation for the superstar who is about to come out next. Fans blow ice cold air all over the arena as the lights slowly come back on but only this time they are a shade of dark blue. With a feeling of mystery pulsating throughout the crowd an explosion of white sparks come flying in every direction. The temperature in the room is at an all time low as the screen starts to flash images of Lance Frost walking closer to the camera in the middle of a snow storm as "What I've Done" by Linkin Park screams over the PA system. Lance Frost entrance continues to play as he slowly walks out from behind the curtain. The look of determination on his face. He then breaks out in a dead sprint and fly's under the third rope and into the ring. Another wave of sparks come flying down above the ring as Frost gets to his feet.]

Keith Williams: Now entering the ring, from Anchorage, Alaska. Weighing in at 290lbs. THE BLIZZARD, LANCE FROST!

Archer: This guy looks impressive.

Raines: Will be be a match for the reigning NAW Heavyweight and UWL International champion, Gunner Hughes?

[A shotgun blast is heard through the PA system and “Dead Man Walking” by Bloodsimple begins to play. After a few moments, Gunner Hughes slowly comes walking out from the back, raising both his arms in the air along with both the NAW Heavyweight and UWL International titles. at the top of the ramp as he stares into the crowd. He stomps down the ramp and towards the ring, then he climbs through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring, raising his arm in the air once more before his music comes to a stop.]

Keith Williams: And introducing his opponent! From Portland, Oregon! Weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds! He is the current NAW Heavyweight Champion as well as your UWL International Heavyweight Champion! GUNNER! HUGHES!

Raines: Gunner was originally supposed to be competing against Bob Pooler for the International Heavyweight Title. Some small issues have postponed that match in favor of the one we have here tonight.

Archer: Gunner may not be defending tonight but if Lance Frost can somehow defeat the future world champion that is Gunner Hughes he could be in line for an International Title shot himself. These are both large, powerful men. This will be a sight to see for the UWL fans.

[Both Gunner Hughes and Lance Frost were large men they made their way to the center of the ring. Lance Frost held his arms out challenging the champion to a test of strength. The fans began to cheer loudly at the thought of getting to see two strong men battle it out. Gunner looked out to the crowd and motioned to them raising his hand up. They cheered louder. Lance turned and told them to shut their mouths. This caused the crowd to boo loudly. Gunner accepted the test of strength and locked hands with Lance. Both men were the exact same height. Lance had fifteen pounds on the reigning International Champion. They were just about equal in strength. The fans began to chant.]

UWL Fans: LET's GO GUNNER! *clap clap clap clap clap* LET's GO GUNNER!!

Raines: The fans are fully supporting Gunner.

Archer: Give Lance some credit, he is displaying the amount of strength he has. Gunner is one of the most powerful men in the UWL. If you can stand up to him you have my respect.

[When it became clear that Gunner was winning the test of strength the other the bad guy in Lance waited for a moment. Gunner, an honorable wrestler kept trying to push Lance back. He began to do so, Lance was taking a few steps back. Frost suddenly dropped low and slapped his right palm onto the back of Gunner's left thigh. Right hand went to the back of Gunner's left thigh. Gunner felt himself being lifted up high, the fans were livid at the fact that Lance quit the test of strength and pulled a cheap shot like that. Lance had Gunner up in the air. He pulled on the back of Gunner's thighs and powered him right back down with a harsh spine buster. ]

Raines: What a spine buster! I wouldn't be surprised if Gunner's back is broken. Did you hear that impact?

Archer: Don't count Hughes out.

[Lance placed his fingertips under Gunner's left leg and pulled it back. Resting his back over Gunner's torso trying to keep his shoulders down. It was a pin that'd surely force Gunner to power out using his lower back.]

[ONE! TWO! Gunner pushed the right shoulder up. He grunted out loued. He felt a shot of pain in his lower back. The place that took the most damage from that devastating spine buster. Lance knew he had an objective now. He planned to start executing a strategy. Lance was on his feet now, he dropped a single knee on Gunner's lower back. Gunner felt a massive pain in his lower back. He yelled out. Lance dropped a second knee. A wave of confident emotions swept through Lance Frost. He yelled out to the crowd telling them that he should have been in line for a shot at the UWL International Championship. The fans booed him some more. Lance just absorbed all of that negative energy and thought up even more terrible ways to punish Gunner Hughes.]

Archer: Gunner needs to somehow come back in this match up.

Raines: I for one think what Lance is doing is smart. He came up with his strategy. Something the champion has yet to do. He's targeting the lower back of Gunner.

Archer: Gunner is a fighting champion, he doesn't need cheap shots to get a victory.

[Lance places his hand on top of Gunner's head. Pulling his hair. Trying to guide him back to his feet. Once Lance has the UWL International Champion where he wants him he throws a punch. Gunner lifts his left arm in the air blocking it. Gunner fired back with a right. The battle began. Lance hit Gunner back in the faces. As they exchanged punches the crowd favorite in Gunner began to take over and force Lance backwards. Gunner then grabs hold of Lance's right hand an pushes his forearm into Lance's chest making him lean backwards into the ring ropes. He pulls Lance's arm back and Irish Whips him across the ring. Lance bounces off the ring ropes on the opposite side of the ring and rushes back to Gunner. The International Champion runs forward and bends down hitting Lance with a high impact spear. Lance fell back hitting the back of his head on the canvas. The impact was heard all over the arena. Gunner didn't want to go for the pin. He wanted to take the time to make his opponent pay for the cheap shots. Gunner lifts Lance up and places one of Lance's arms over the back of his own neck. Hughes then forces him up into suplex position holding him in place. The crowd began to yell happily.]

Archer: The crowd is feeling it! Gunner has Lance lined up.

Raines: This has to be painful. All of the blood rushing to Lance's head. Imagine how strong you have to be to lift damn near THREE hundred pounds up in the air and balance him for that long. People need to understand that UWL really is the place the greatest wrestlers come to compete at.

[Gunner drops Lance Frost down with the suplex and went right in for the cover.]




Raines: NO! Kickout! Lance Frost was able to get his shoulder up right before the count of three and it couldn't get any closer than that.

[The champion that was Gunner Hughes didn't allow something like that to get to him this early on. He kept calm and continued to pound on Lance. Planting sharp forearms on the back of his head twice. Frost, out of nowhere, explodes and has Gunner on his shoulders, looking for the Blizzard (F5). Gunner is able to slide off, and take a step back. He looks for a clothesline, but Frost catches him and slams him down with a belly to belly suplex. Frost pins...]




Raines: Frost almost stole it there.

[Frost lifts Gunner up, again looking for the Blizzard. Again, Gunner Hughes slides off the back of Frost. When Frost turns around, he is met with the Buckshot (jumping big boot)! Gunner Hughes quickly pins...]




Keith Williams: Here is your winner.... The UWL International Champion... GUNNER HUGHES!!!

Archer: Incredible, physical match of two powerhouses.

Raines: And Gunner just keeps on rolling.

[Gunner Hughes celebrates his big win, as we cut backstage.]

[We find Kandi Washington in her locker room, alongside Jake Wakefield, Ice, and Drake Knight. She is obviously upset.]

Kandi Washington: Since none of you can do anything right, it looks like it's up to me. Don't worry though. I'm the Queen of the League. These two can't stop me from making that happen.

[She begins leaving the locker room, then turns back.]

Kandi Washington: Come on Ice!

[Ice follows Kandi out of the locker room.]

Archer: We crown our first ever UWL Ladies' World Champion next!

Raines: Awwww yeah!

Archer: .....

Raines: Yeah that was lame I know.

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-Match Seven-
UWL Ladies World Championship
Britney Caldwell vs Kandi Washington vs Elizabeth Terry

Keith Williams: “The following contest is a triple threat Ladies’ Championship title match. Introducing first, billed from Oxford, England… ELIZABETH TERRY!!”

["Warrior" by Ke$ha blasts in the P.A. system. The cameras zoom in up the ramp to spot Elizabeth pusing the curtains out of her way rather violently. Making her way down the ramp. Once close to the ring Elizabeth climbs in and stands in the center of the ring screaming out to the fans. If you looked closely you'd see that she was talking to herself. Awaiting her opponent.]

Frank Archer: “She is very determined and focused.”

Mac Raines: “I would hate to get in her eye. She looks like she lacks emotions.”

Keith Williams: “And introducing her opponent, billed from Los Angeles, California… BRITNEY CALDWELL!!”

[The voice of Camprock's female singer is heard singing "Don't Take it Personal... Don't Get Emotional... You know it's the truth... IM TOO COOL FOR YOU" before the AWF Britney Caldwell Remix begins to play loudly over the PA system! As various motion captures of The Billion Dollar Bitch play amoungst the tron, the fans rise to their feet in a choir of boos and whistles, as the silhouette of Britney appears atop the entrance stage. Her arms hands high, her breast perked out and a devilish smirk on her face. Britney rolls her eyes and struts down the entrance ramp straying far away from the desperate fans attempts to tag her hand. Once she reaches the ring, she slowly scales the steel ring steps making her way onto the apron, before slowly winding her hips, and entering the ring via the middle rope. Britney circles the ring running her fingers through her hair very seductive before taking her place in the center of the ring and doing her trademark grinding of the hips.]

Mac Raines: “She’s very nice. The one good thing about women’s wrestling is the T&A!”

Frank Archer: “Do you not care about if the women can actually wrestle?”

Keith Williams: “And introducing the final opponent, billed from Las Vegas, Nevada, and being accompanied by Ice… KANDI WASHINGTON!!

["Get Naked" by Method of Mayhem ft. Lil Kim blares throughout the AWF Wrestling's sound system as the fans rise to their feet booing as loudly as they possibly can while pink and white strobe lights flash through the arena. Kandi Washington struts out from behind the velvet entrance curtains as she pauses at the top of the ramp. She places her hand on her right hip as she smirks at her booing fans and standing slightly behind her is the vicious Ice. Kandi Washington proceeds down the ramp as her tightly pulled ponytail bounces from side to side as she ignores the fans waving to her and shouting at vulgarities her way as she makes her way to the ring apron. She turns to the stairs as Ice pulls herself onto the apron. Kandi makes her way along the apron and Ice opens the ropes as Kandi ducks down underneath the second rope. She enters the ring and raises her arms in the air motioning to the fans to keep their boos and chants coming. Ice follows her inside the ring and stands in the corner with her arms folded across her chest, just glaring across the arena. Kandi starts to strut around her ring, looking down at her nails and waiting for her opponent as her theme music comes to an end.]

Frank Archer: “I wonder why she needs her for.”

Mac Raines: “For moral support, why else do you think!?”

(ding, ding, ding)

[Immediately after the bell sounds, Kandi Washington steps out from the ring and there’s an enormous dislike from the crowd, filling the air with boos, and Elizabeth Terry is taunting her to get back inside the ring. With her back turned, Britney Caldwell runs up behind her with a double forearm smash to the back. Elizabeth stumbles down on the second rope and Britney begins to open up with kicks to her chest.]

Frank Archer: “It looks like while Kandi Washington is on the outside, Britney has taken advantage of a distracted Elizabeth Terry.”

Mac Raines: “Women’s wrestling has never been one of my favorites, but I have been looking forward to this showdown all week.”

[Britney grabs Elizabeth up by her hair and starts to drag her back to the middle of the ring, but Elizabeth breaks the grasp as she starts to connect with forearm shots to the face. Britney stumbles back and Elizabeth drops her with a dropkick. She covers, 1 – Britney gets a shoulder up. Elizabeth stands to her feet with a handful of Britney’s hair as she whips her into the corner, but Britney reverses it. Britney runs at Elizabeth and Elisa is able to get a foot up to the face. She runs out of the corner with a swinging neckbreaker.]

Mac Raines: “I hope Britney can manage to get a hold of Elizabeth’s offense because she’s looking pretty good right now.”

Frank Archer: “I agree. It’s not looking too good for her right now.”

[Elizabeth is up and she turns her attention toward Kandi Washington standing in front of the entrance ramp with her hands on her hips. As Elizabeth starts to walk toward the ropes, Britney quickly rolls her up from behind with a school-girl, 1 – 2 – Elizabeth kicks out. Elizabeth is first to her feet and she grabs Britney’s wrist whipping her into the ropes. Britney bounces off the ropes with a kick to the chest. Britney runs and misses a clothesline. She turns around with a boot to the midsection.]

Frank Archer: “It looks like Elizabeth is going for a powerbomb right here.”

Mac Raines: “Yes, but the wildcard Britney counters it with a head scissors takedown.”

Frank Archer: “And a nice one at that.”

[Elizabeth stumbles up to her feet and Britney runs at her with a spear as she begins to pound the back of her head against the mat. Elizabeth turns it around and begins to pound Britney’s head against the mat as the referee manages to separate the ladies.]

Frank Archer: “Maintaining the order of this match and Kandi continues not to get involved.”

Mac Raines: “I would have just let the women go at it.”

[Elizabeth and Britney are up to their feet as they make their way to the middle of the ring. Elizabeth goes in for a lock up, but Britney pokes her thumbs to the eyes. She hooks up with Elizabeth with a hold on the tights and lifts her up with an inverted DDT on the mat. She rolls her over, 1 – 2 – Elizabeth kicks out.]

Frank Archer: “Too close of a call right there!”

Mac Raines: “Are you serious Frank? I knew she was going to kick out of that!”

[Britney is up to her feet and she starts stomping down at Elizabeth Terry until the referee grabs her from around the waist and pulls her off. Elizabeth is given a second to regain her composer, but Britney charges across the ring toward her, and Britney are met with a drop toe hold. Elizabeth positions herself on Britney’s back and locks in the camel clutch. She pulls tightly on the neck of Britney as she’s wiggling it from side to side. Elizabeth leans her forearm across and starts connecting with blows to the face of Britney.]

Frank Archer: “Some dirty tactics from Elizabeth Terry.”

Mac Raines: “A lot is on the line in this one Frank, anything goes.”

[She releases the clutch and slams Britney’s face down against the canvas. Britney lays there as the referee checks on her while Elizabeth walks over to the ropes. She starts to step out, but Kandi Washington sprays a spray in the eyes of Elizabeth. She grabs the neck of Elizabeth and drops her down with a guillotine. She tosses the spray bottle under the ring.]

Frank Archer: “Oh come on referee, did you NOT see that!?”

Mac Raines: “It looks like Kandi outsmarted Elizabeth on that one and we now know what that extra bulge in her top was.”

[Britney crawls over to Elizabeth and hooks the leg, 1 – 2 – Elizabeth just gets a shoulder up. She grips the side of her hair as she’s staring at the referee screaming, “it was THREE!” Kandi continues at ringside observing the match as Britney gets up to her feet with Elizabeth’s hair in hand. She lifts her up and starts spinning her around as she launches her across the ring. Elizabeth rolls around the ring, holding her head as Britney struts over to her dusting off her hands.]

Mac Raines: “Kandi has really put a dent in her game right there.”

Frank Archer: “She has indeed it looks like, but I wouldn’t count Elizabeth out just yet.”

[Britney leans down to pick Elizabeth up, but Elizabeth starts connecting with punches to the head as she has Britney’s hair. Britney manages to pull away and Elizabeth stands to her feet. She runs under Britney’s clothesline attempt and quickly turns around grabbing around her back as she releases it into a German suplex. Soon after, she slides out of the ring and begins to chase Kandi who is running around the ring. Kandi slides inside the ring…]

Frank Archer: “The first time since the match has started have we seen her in the ring.”

[She’s distracting the referee as Elizabeth comes around the corner, met with a thunderous clothesline from Ice. After dropping Elizabeth she lifts her up and rolls her back inside the ring. Kandi exits the ring.]

Mac Raines: “Elizabeth and Britney are both down. Kandi is outside the ring and that manly woman just played a huge part in it!”

[The referee looks up as he starts the count, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – Britney starts to make sudden movements toward the ropes while Elizabeth does the same. They both pull themselves up to their feet as they stumble toward each other. Britney goes for a right hook, but Elizabeth blocks it with one of her own. Britney stumbles back and Elizabeth whips her into the ropes, but pulls her back to her: HEEL HOOK!]

Frank Archer: “Britney looks like she might be out of it now.”

Mac Raines: “No kidding, genius!”

[Elizabeth goes to the top rope as she looks down at Britney lying on her back. She leaps off the top turnbuckle with a diving leg drop across the throat. Britney’s body shakes as Elizabeth quickly grabs both legs for the cover, 1 – 2 – Britney just gets a shoulder up.]

Frank Archer: “Oh my God, how the hell did Britney do that!?”

[Elizabeth sits up, beside herself as she yanks the side of her hair. She stands up to her feet and kneels down beside Britney. She flips her up to her feet and whips her into the ropes, but when Britney bounces off the ropes, she connects with a running crossbody on Elizabeth. Both ladies are down!]

Mac Raines: “This is anybody’s game!”

Frank Archer: “Oh look at Kandi!”

[Kandi quickly slides in under the first rope and rolls Britney over and hooks the leg, 1 – 2 – Britney gets a shoulder up! Kandi then crawls over to Elizabeth, 1 – 2 – Elizabeth gets a shoulder up. Kandi stands up and she starts to point her finger in the chest of the referee as she backs him up in the corner.]

Frank Archer: “It’s not the referee’s fault you couldn’t get the three count.”

Mac Raines: “You have to agree, both counts were a bit on the slow side!”

[Kandi turns around and looks down at both her opponents lying on the mat. She starts biting her fingernails as they both start to use the ropes as leverage to pull themselves up to their feet. Kandi runs over to Britney and grabbing her by the hair, she thrusts her into Elizabeth as they tumble into the corner before quickly exiting the ring.]

Frank Archer: “Can this even be considered a REAL strategy? Mac, I have no idea what Kandi’s mindset is in this match.”

Mac Raines: “And I do? It’s entertaining as hell!”

[Britney and Elizabeth get up to their feet as Elizabeth delivers a boot to Britney’s midsection. She grabs her hair and lifts up, connecting her face with a facebuster. She rolls her over, 1 – 2 – Britney gets a shoulder up! Elizabeth is first to her feet as she’s taunting Britney up to her feet as she’s motioning with her hands to get up. Britney stumbles up to her feet as she looks dazed and lost on where she is located. She doesn’t get to turn around to face Elizabeth before she locks in the cobra clutch from behind.

Frank Archer: “Elizabeth Terry has locked in what she calls the Princess’ Crown!”

Mac Raines: “It looks like Britney might be fading out of it.”

[Elizabeth locks in the hold a bit more as she strengthens her position. Britney then raises her right hand and begins tapping out. The referee calls for the bell as Elizabeth is told to break the hold.]

Frank Archer: “Despite Ice’s clothesline, the unknown spray, and Kandi’s antics, Elizabeth Terry has prevailed as the first-ever Ladies’ Champion!”

Keith Williams: “Here is your winner and FIRST-EVER Ladies’ Champion… ELIZABETH TERRY!!”

["Warrior" plays once more as Elizabeth Terry is awarded her Ladies Title.]

Frank Archer: History has been made! And certainly more will be made next.

[We see Adam Stryker walking through the hallways, making his way to the stage area. Next we see UWL World Heavyweight Champion, Pat Gordon Jr. doing the same.]

Archer: It's main event time. Pat Gordon Junior. Adam Stryker. UWL World Heavyweight Title. Adam's UWL Career. It's All Or Nothing! And it's NEXT!

-Commercial Break-
UWL & P.W. Syndicated Present....

Fully Loaded - LIVE - May 11th, 2013 - Las Vegas, Nevada

-Main Event-
All Or Nothing
UWL World Heavyweight Championship
Pat Gordon, Jr (c) vs Adam Stryker

Keith Williams: The following match is a UWL World Heavyweight Championship bout and it is scheculed for one fall! Introducing first.... FROM BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS....

[The regal sound of "Chariots of Fire" fills the arena. Pat Gordon, Jr. makes his way from the back, shaking hands and giving out high-fives as he makes his way to the ring. Upon entering the ring, he removes his robe, showing off the biggest championship belt of them all, the UWL World Title, and uses the ropes as an aide to do some last minute stretches before the bell. ]



Archer: As always, the perennial fan favorite here at UWL events, Pat Gordon Jr is getting tons of love from the fans!

Raines: They just love him 'cause he's a low life like the rest of 'em, Frank.

[Pat holds the belt up in the air with one hand for the crowd, then hands it off to Referee John Monroe.]

Archer: Yeah, a low life with the biggest prize UWL has to offer in his hands!

Raines: I still say he was lucky against Elijah Black. As for his second defense well... That Corella guy's head is so messed up he's lucky he even knows his name at this point.

Keith Williams: ...and the Challenger.... FROM LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA....

[Adam Stryker comes out to the sounds of You Ain´t Nobody (´Til Somebody Hates You) by Royal Republic, quickly walking to the ring, looking angry as always and smoking a cigarette. He throws the cigarette butt on the ground before entering the ring, where he gets on the top turnbuckle and performs a cut-throat taunt.]




Raines: OH BOO YOURSELVES!!! Stryker is the man and he's going to shut down Pat Gordon's streak before it even has a chance to get warm!

Archer: Stryker brings alot to the table, but I'm partial to Pat's odds in this match, Mac. Referee Monroe is checking over both men... and there he is motioning for the bell...


Archer: And we're off with a collar elbow tie up... Stryker with a back elbow and now sending Pat for the whip. Stryker misses with the clothesline and turns right as Pat rebounds off the ropes. Pat ducks a wild swing, taking the arm, spinning around behind Stryker with a hammerlock!

[Stryker tries to turn it, twisting with him and taking Pat by the arm with a wristlock, but Pat keeps things in his favor by flipping and twisting Stryker right back into a hammerlock!]

Raines: It's a hammerlock you goof! It's not that hard to get out of!

Archer: That's the thing though, physically Gordon and Stryker are closely matched with the challenger giving up twenty pounds to the champion. Tack that on with the fact that PGJ can get alot of mileage out of a pedestrian move like the Hammerlock simply with his technical expertise, and it can make this one long and painful night for Stryker.

Raines: Gaaahhh!! Kick him in the groin!!! Throw your leg back right into his testicles!

Archer: That'd be a DQ and, Stryker starts backing up, driving Gordon right into the ropes! Pat legs go, Stryker turns forward and goes for a standing lariat, but no, Pat ducks, grabs the leg and lifts him up and over the ropes, but Stryker lands on the apron...

[...Pat turns... he's caught with a rope snap jawbreaker off the apron!]

Raines: Don't take The Loose Cannon lightly for even a second! It'll be the last mistake you make!

Archer: Indeed and we're seeing that now as he slides back in the ring and just starts putting those boots to the Champion!

Raines: Don't let 'em up, even to breath. That's my motto!

Archer: Pat rolls over and catches that stomping foot! He pushes back on it while kicking out the other! Adam Stryker falls flat on his back, but gets right back up and not a moment too soon because here comes Pat Gordon Junior with a flurry of lefts and rights! Stryker can't even get his arms up as PGJ drives him into the ropes!


Archer: I think he heard you because Stryker just dropped right out of the ring, stumbling his way right to the ring barricade!

[Inside the ring, Pat Gordon Jr. backs up from the ropes, throwing his arms out at his sides and roaring to the crowd.]

Archer: He's a fighting champion and he's looking to keep that up tonight! Look at the seething anger on Stryker's face.

Raines: That's one pissed off hombre, if I do say so myself... oh look, goodie two shoes there is inviting Stryker back into the ring.

Archer: It's called being sporting.

Raines: Ha! I take your sportsmanship and wipe my ass with it!

[Gritting his teeth, Adam slides under the ropes and hops right to his feet....]

Archer: Woah! Stryker now bringing the fight straight to Pat Gordon Jr with pure aggression, but PGJ gets the arms up and is turtling against Stryker's offense. Stryker now driving Pat back towards the corner...

Raines: Adam's just rage personified right now! He's been toyed with and he's looking to make The Champ pay for it!

Archer: Pat is backed up in a corner and ducks, side stepping the haymaker and pushing Stryker into the corner. Both men turn to face each other, Pat catching Stryker with the Irish kiss right to the forehead!

Raines: I heard the smack all the way over here! That kid's got a hard head!

Archer: Pat now lifting the stunned Stryker off his feet and hanging him up in a tree of woe! He then backs up for that running start, but Stryker instead sits up. Pat, with a shrug, just runs right at the corner anyways and hooks the challenger in a rear waistlock!

Raines: ...but he's caught!

Archer: Adam hooks his legs in the ropes and BAMMO, back elbow to the side of Pat's temple, followed by another and another until finally he lets go! Pat falls flat to the mat seeing stars!

Raines: Hey what's Adam doing?

Archer: Stryker plants his feet on the top rope and jumps! He spins around and catches Pat right in the stomach with a diving headbutt!

[PGJ thrashes on impact, rolling onto his side and letting out a croaking, choked cough.]

Raines: BOO-YAH MOTHA' FATHA'! That's what you GET!!

Archer: Indeed, Stryker now in the driver's seat... he sets up, sizing Pat up as he get to his feet. The Champion gets to his feet, clutching his gut, turns, OH MY!!!






Raines: Monroe's always a slow count! The old man needs to be replaced with a faster arm. That Adam Bish kid's pretty good!

Archer: Well stryker seems to agree with you, holding two fingers up at the ref. I almost thought for sure that a title switch was about to go down!

Raines: As I said before, Stryker's a dangerous guy.

Archer: Indeed and I just don't see how Pat can come back from that hellacious kick. Stryker now gathering PGJ to his feet... Inverted Atomic Drop on Gordon! Stryker spins and rocks Pat right off his feet with a discus Clothesline! He goes for another quick pin!



Raines: Nope, PGJ just ain't going down without a knife in his heart.

Archer: Adam doesn't even react to the referee, cracking Pat with a elbow smash to the forehead and hooking the leg again!


[Tw- Reversed...]





Raines: HOLY CRAP!!!

Archer: Holy crap indeed, Both men roll apart and are back on their feet, circling each other. It's clear by the slight gate in Pat's walk that the Headhunter's kick is still affecting him. The two men lock up with the collar elbow once more...

Stryker pulls Pat into a sideheadlock, but that doesn't last long. The nimble Boston Scrapper slips right out of it and catches Adam's left arm and promptly gives it sharp twist and punches hard on the side of his elbow, followed by a sharp kick to the underside of the arm before releasing it!

Raines: He's settin' him up for that damn Pat Lock of his!!

Archer: That clearly hurt Stryker, he's cradling that arm and looking really angry as he stumbles away from PGJ... Pat leaps on his back and pulls him right to the canvas with a full nelson hold!

Raines: I will say the Full Nelson is very underrated, especially when you have the guy on the ground. It's easier to escape while you're standing up, but when you're grounded.... oh is it a bitch to get out of!

Archer: Indeed, and Pat's just putting pressure on the back of Stryker's neck while jacking his arms up in a painful torsion of the joints!

Raines: You and your big words...

Archer: It helps to have a big vocabulary as a commentator... Stryker now rolling around, trying to free himself from the grip of PGJ... He's on his knees... Pat releases? ! No wait, He flips around and locks his legs around Stryker's arm and flips him into a grounded armbar, targetting that left arm yet again!

Raines: God I hate this ground game crap! What is it with this Pat kid always taking the fight to the ground! Give me a good, stand up fight between two guys just throwing each other around and gettin' beat up on their feet?

Archer: Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do to survive. Clearly, Stryker is doing that right now as we speak, fighting to get to the ropes because he can't escape that armbar. It's just locked in too tight!

[...Inch by inch, The Challenger pulls himself to the ropes, Pat shifting his weight and arching that arm in an attempt to inflict even greater misery on Stryker with each pull...]

Raines: Stryker's gotta' pull it together! This is not going according to his plan at all!

Archer: And he gets a foot on the ropes! The Ref quickly moves in to break it up, but Pat holds on until the count of four before releasing the arm! PGJ is being pushed back by Refree Monroe, forced to step back the customary five feet to the center of the ring.

Raines: ...and Adam's gettin' up using the ropes. Look at his arm, it's hangin' like jello!

Archer: That arm bar has done severe damage... Stryker is now effectively a one armed man in this fight!

Raines: He can still win this! Hell I've seen a kid with one leg win the ass kicking contest in the squared circle before! Stryker's the loose cannon! The badass! The man I'd put money on if I were the betting kind! He has GOT to dethrone PGJ! I'm tired of all the "Pat Lock - Tap or Snap" T-shirts in the crowd!

Archer: Adam pushes off the ropes, Gordon moves in... POP UP ACE CRUSHER!!! OH MY GOD!!!!

Raines: HA HAAA!!! YES!!!

Archer: Stryker going for the pin!!!







Raines: He's on his feet and giving the referee the business big time!

Archer: Adam Stryker needs to focus, that was an impressive comeback, but PGJ has come back from some of the biggest moves in the business!

Raines: ...heh... That's because he's too stupid to know he's out cold!

Archer: Stryker turns to find Pat Gordon fighting to sit up and rushes in with a stiff boot to the side of his head!


[Adam picks Gordon up, signaling for his infamous Mutilation....]

Raines: Oh yeah... I smell a new champion gettin' crowned!


Raines: NO NO NOOOOO!!



Archer: Love him or hate him, You've got to give it up for Adam Stryker! He's fighting with every fiber of his being not to tap out to the infamous Pat Lock! This move is the wrestling apocalypse and there is no escape except the sweet release of surrender!!!

[Stryker roars in pain, his free arm held out at his side, shaking like a leaf... he finally slaps Pat Gordon Jr.'s shoulder in submission...]



Archer: Adam Stryker put up one hell of a fight and really made the champion earn the right to retain his title tonight ladies and gentlemen...

[Pat releases the hold collapsing to the canvas while panting for breath. Adam Stryker rolls out of the ring, clutching at his arm with a grimace of pure pain. The ref helps PGJ to his feet and hands him his title belt.]



Archer: That was one hell of a match ladies and gentlemen and the crowd is on their feet!!!! Pat Gordon Jr. has survived another bout and now we know for certain that this man is as real as they come! He is THE reigning UWL World Champion and has proven it three times in a row with back to back defenses!

[PGJ's theme hit's the house P/A as he makes his way to the nearest turnpost, beads of sweat running down his brow. He climbs onto the second rope and raises the UWL World Championship high over his head. There is the unmistakable look of pride on his face as stands there, basking in the moment of victory.]

Archer: Pat Gordon Jr. continues building his legacy, his house if you will, brick by brick and while some say that those bricks are made of plaster...

Raines: ...More like shit dipped in plaster...

Archer: ...I say that his house is built of far sturdier stuff.

Raines: Ass kisser....

Archer: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for UWL Spring Stampede.

[The final shot is Pat Gordon standing tall in the ring, looking at Adam Stryker, who is obviously distraught.]

Thanks to:
Any Given Sundae for writing Match #1
Alex Morgan for writing Match #4
Elizabeth for writing Match #6
Tiff for writing match #7
And special thanks to Rob Corella for typing up the main event on such short notice. Preesh dawg.