The UWL American Heavyweight Championship was created, and rewarded to Virgil Keenan at Spring Stampede 2013, after winning a Battle Royal. It is a midcard title, and is defended only on United States soil.

The UWL American Heavyweight Championship MUST be defended atleast once per 60 days.

Wrestler: Promotion: Defeated: Date: Notes:
Virgil Keenan NAW Multiple 03-23-12 Won a battle royal at Spring Stampede '13 to become the inaugural champion.
Vacant -/td> - - The title is vacated as the UWL folded in 2013
Beck Ramsey GIW KEG & Nicky Laine 06-28-14 Beck Ramsey won the vacant title at UWL Wrestlefest III.
Vacant - - - Beck Ramsey vacates the title after winning the World Heavyweight Title.
Jason Orion ACE The Sir 11-15-14 Jason Orion wins a four man tournament to win the vacated title.

Most Number of Reigns
# Champion # Of Reigns
1 Virgil Keenan 1
1 Beck Ramsey 1
1 Jason Orion 1

Longest Lasting Reigns
# Champion # Of Days
1 Jason Orion Current
2 Beck Ramsey 104 Days
3 Virgil Keenan 45 Days